Gmail Macros Greasemonkey Script Review

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The Gmail Macros script for Greasemkonkey is no longer compatible with the current version of the email service, but Gmail still supports a variety of keyboard shortcuts.

Gmail Macros adds additional and very useful keyboard shortcuts to Gmail that can even combine multiple commands and let you select labels by typing starting characters. It is potentially a problem that Gmail Macros only works with Mozilla Firefox and Greasemonkey, however, and some details could still work better in Gmail Macros.

Pros and Cons of Google Macros


  • Gmail Macros adds useful keyboard shortcuts to Gmail in Mozilla Firefox (with Greasemonkey)
  • A label and folder selector lets you go to and apply labels by starting to type their name
  • Gmail Macros is fully customizable for even more actions by adapting the Greasemonkey script


  • Gmail Macros depends on Mozilla Firefox and Greasemonkey, may break at any time
  • Selecting labels only works if the label box is expanded, has problems with similar names
  • Gmail Macros does not allow you to remove labels by keyboard shortcut


  • Gmail Macros adds keyboard shortcuts to Gmail in Mozilla Firefox.
  • Press 'e' to archive in Gmail Macros, and 'f' to limit view to the current type (unread, starred, Inbox).
  • Macros can combine multiple actions: 'd' marks as read and archives a message.
  • You can apply a label by pressing 'l' and go to any place by hitting 'g'.
  • Gmail Macros lets you choose labels and mailboxes by typing the first few characters of their names.
  • Gmail Macros supports Mozilla Firefox 1.5/2.x and Greasemonkey 0.6.4.

Review of Gmail Macros

Can you never get enough keyboard shortcuts? Gmail has many but certainly — not enough, right? Using the scripting abilities made available in Mozilla Firefox through the Greasemonkey plug-in, Gmail Macros adds a handful of useful shortcuts and improves those built into Gmail, too.

With Gmail Macros, pressing 'e' archives an email no matter where or what, for example. What's even better about Gmail Macros shortcuts is that they can condense multiple actions into a single key event. Pressing 'd', for example, marks an email as read and archives it in one go.

By editing the Greasemonkey script, you can customize existing and define your own Gmail Macros actions, though that requires some knowledge.

You can also benefit from one of Gmail Macros's best improvements: selecting labels and special mailboxes by typing their names. Press 'l' to label a message using Gmail Macros, and a bezel comes up prompting you for the label name. Auto-completing from what you type, Gmail Macros selects and applies the appropriate label instantly. You can go to labels or places like the "Inbox" and "Spam" in a similar manner by pressing 'g'.

For Mozilla Firefox, Greasemonkey, Gmail Macros and Gmail to play well together means there's a chance things can stop working. But while they do, Gmail Macros works well and they're very useful. When they do not, you can always edit the script.