Giving Music and Movies at iTunes Store

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While most of us buy things in iTunes for ourselves, music, movies, and other content from the iTunes Store make great gifts for iPhone and other Apple device owners – and the iTunes Store makes it easy to give gifts. This is especially great for birthdays and holidays, or just when you want to share your favorite album or TV episode with a friend of loved one.

Using the iTunes Store, you can gift the following kinds of paid content:

While not every item in these categories can be gifted, most can. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to give a gift from the iTunes Store. While it uses an album as its example, these steps apply to all types of content.

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Find the Item and Choose "Gift This"

giving gifts at the itunes store, step 2
Select Gift This to get started.
  1. To give media from the iTunes Store as a gift, you first need to find the item you want to gift. Do this in the same way you'd find anything else at iTunes: by searching or browsing.
  2. When you've found the item you want to give as a gift, click it to view the detail page about the item.
  3. Next, look for the image of the item in the top left. Beneath it, there's a button with the item's price on it and a second, smaller button next to that with a down arrow on it. Click the down arrow button.
  4. In the menu that pops up, choose Gift This.
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Confirm Gift Details

giving gifts at the itunes store, step 3
Choose who you'll give the gift to.

Next you'll be taken to a screen where you can fill in the name and email address of the person you're giving the gift to, as well as a personal message. A few important notes about this step:

  • You're charged for every email address you include in the email address line. So, if you're giving a $9.99 album to three people (i.e., three email addresses in that line), you'll be charged $29.97. Sorry, no way to pay once and give three gifts!
  • Gifts can only be redeemed at the iTunes Store they're given from. So, if you're in the U.S., the only people who can redeem the gifts you send are those with access to the U.S. iTunes Store. Friends in the U.K., for instance, won't be able to download what you send them. If you want to give them gifts through iTunes, you'd need access to the U.K. iTunes Store.
  • Each recipient will need an Apple ID to redeem the gift. They don't necessarily need an account before you send the gift, but they'll need to set one up before they're able to download the gift.
  • You can choose to send the gift right away or on a specific date. To send right now, find the Send Gift section on the right and click Now. To send on a later date, click Other Date and select the date you want the gift to be sent. You can buy up to 90 days ahead of time.

When you're ready, click Next.

Next, you'll get to select the design, or theme, used for the email sent to the recipient letting them know about the gift. Click on each theme to get a preview of it. When you have the one you want, click Next.

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Review Gift and Place Order

giving gifts at the itunes store, step 4
Confirm your order.

Review the gift — the names and email addresses of recipients, what you're buying, the note, etc. When everything is correct and you're ready to send it, click Buy Gift. This will charge your iTunes account and make happy people out of your gift recipients.

You may be asked to sign in to your Apple ID (you must have one in order to give gifts). You'll pay for the gift using the payment method on file in your iTunes account.