Give Your Kids a Safer YouTube Experience on Fire TV

A child-friendly space on a fiery device

Amazon’s Fire TV is home to a vast amount of content, but a lot of it isn't appropriate for kids. It's only fair for the little ones to get their share of kid-friendly entertainment.

YouTube Kids browser homepage

Amazon Fire TV has kid-friendly content through apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and YouTube, but the latest addition of YouTube Kids aims to provide your children with an app made specifically for them.

What is YouTube Kids? It’s basically YouTube, but curated for kids. All the content is safe and age-appropriate, and the Fire TV app’s UI has bigger buttons and child-friendly graphics for easier navigation.

“From guided arts and crafts projects to science experiments to dance, yoga and healthy habits for kids, there is A LOT for kids to explore,” said Amazon in its blog post.

Means to protect: The app also provides parents and guardians with the necessary tools to tailor their child’s experience, from being able to create profiles to blocking channels and videos you don’t want them to stumble across.

Bottom line: If you have a Fire TV and kids who need something to hold their attention, you can now add YouTube Kids to your arsenal. Maybe your kid will learn a new life hack, or you’ll finally learn that Baby Shark song.

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