Gilberto Perera

Gilberto J Perera is a professional freelance author, owner of a web design firm for small businesses, and editor-in-chief of a popular technology website.


As a technology aficionado, particularly the Windows platform, Gilbert has been working with computers for the past 15 years. During this time he’s developed a knack for simplifying difficult tasks and making technology education more user-friendly. His articles have appeared on sites like,, and, to name a few. He was awarded the coveted Most Valuable Professional Award from Microsoft in 2009 and 2010 for his contributions as an expert with the Windows operating system.

Gilbert is president of GJP Media, a web design firm and he is Editor-in-Chief of, a how-to guide website dedicated to gadgets and technology. When he’s not helping small business clients bring their businesses to the web, he’s busy writing how-to guides and helping others online.

Gilberto Perera

One of the things I enjoy most is showing someone how technology can make things simpler. It is the look of amazement and wonder when people discover the great things technology can do that keep me going. My goal as an guide is to show you the steps so that you can learn something new and be part of this great information age.

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