Gifts For Google Nexus Tablet Users

Peripherals and Accessories Useful for Google's Tablets

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Nov 16 2015 - Google is the developer of the Android software that runs on most non-Apple tablets but they also partnered with several companies to make the Nexus tablets as a reference for what the Android tablet experience should be like. If you happen to know someone with one of the tablets, here are a few ideas for gifts that can help expand the capabilities of their device.

Google seems to be completely revamping its Nexus tablet lineup and the new Nexus 9 is their new premium tablet. It has only just been announced so the number of options for a cover are quite limited. The official cover attaches to the side of the tablet magnetically and offers cover that can be folded in many different ways to act like a stand. It is available in a variety of colors. The polyurethane versions will be priced at $39.

Want to be able to take out your Nexus tablet and use it like a laptop? The official Google Nexus 9 Keyboard Folio combines both a case to protect the tablet and a wireless keyboard to make typing easier. This is a premium option as it is constructed of leather and features a mechanical keyboard similar to what you would find on a ultrathin laptop. This does have the downside of making the extremely thin tablet much bulkier but it is not uncommon feature from other keyboard cases previously seen in the market. Pricing is a bit high at $150.

While tablets are great for viewing media or playing a game, the virtual keyboards leave much to be desired for typing anything longer than a quick email. Anyone that is going to be using the tablet for lengthy writing will definitely want to use a real keyboard. Thankfully the Nexus tablets come equipped with Bluetooth allowing them to use wireless keyboards. The new Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device K480 keyboard is a great option for the Nexus tablets or just about any device. It can connect up to three devices and has a slot in it to prop the device up when using it. Price is around $50.

Many people use their tablets to listen to music or watch videos and often when traveling. The problem is that the audio from this can disturb those around you. Headphones are a great solution but wires can be a problem. Bluetooth offers a great option for those to listen to the audio without being connected to their tablet. The Kinivo BTH240 are a very affordable option of wireless headphones that can be used with just about any Bluetooth device including the Nexus tablets. It features behind the head styling and features volume and media controls on the speakers. They can also function as a headset with the included microphone. Pricing is around $25.

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Capacitive Stylus

Wacom Bamboo Stylus
Wacom Bamboo Stylus. ©Wacom

Touchscreens are very convenient and easy to use interfaces but our fingers tend to leave a large amount of grease and grime on the display. In addition, they aren't well suited to highly accurate work. Because of this, a stylus can be extremely useful for both keeping the display clean and giving a better level of accuracy. They are available in a variety of different styles and sizes. Priced range from as little as $10 up to $100 with most around $30.

Most people don't generally have an issue when it comes to the battery life of their tablets. Most tend to last for a full day but some things can use lots of power or we may just not have the ability to charge them. This is particularly a problem for people that travel frequently. Portable battery packs can help solve this problem. The Anker Power Core is a large capacity battery pack that provides a hefty charge for tablets like the Nexus series. It charges via a microUSB port and offers three USB ports for charging devices. Priced around $45.

Anyone who has used a touchscreen for any length of time knows that the glass gets covered with oils pretty quickly. In certain lighting, this can make it quite distracting to use the tablet. Now, most tablets use a hardened glass to prevent scratching that allows pretty much any cloth to be used for cleaning. I find the the 3M microfiber cleaning clothes do an exceptionally good job at giving a completely clean surface without worry of scratches. The clothes are priced from a few dollars up to $15 depending upon the size of the cloth.


Tablets are great devices for watching TV and movies while on the go. Netflix is still the largest provider of streaming TV and movies on the internet. They have a native application that is free to download on Android devices to access their library of titles. The only downside is that you need a subscription to their service. Previously it was possible to purchase gift subscriptions for others but Netflix has decided instead to move to gift cards instead and they cannot be purchased directly. Instead, you can pick them up at most Best Buy locations and some other retailers. More »

Google Play Gift Cards
Google Play Gift Cards. ©Google

With the Android operating system, the Google Play store is the primary means for getting applications, movies, music and books. Just like many other retailers, Google offers gift cards that can be used as credit for the purchase of any of these digital media for their tablet. The only downside is that Google doesn't allow the purchase of them directly online. Instead, you either need to purchase them via a retailer or one that also sells the cards online. The online sales are still of the physical cards, though. Amounts available include $10, $25 and $50. More »