Gifts for Amazon Fire Tablet Users

Peripherals and Accessories Useful For Amazon Tablet Users

Nov 16 2015 - Amazon's Fire tablet was a major shakeup to the electronics world by making tablets affordable. What once was just an ereader now offers much more since the move to a tablet. If you happen to know someone who has one of the Amazon tablets, check out my suggestions for some gift ideas to help protect, clean and expand the tablets.

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Fire (2015) Case

Amazon (2015) Fire Tablet Case
Fire (2015) Tablet Case. ©Amazon

Amazon keeps redefining the budget tablet market and the new 2015 Fire is just $50. Of course, it does not come with much so a cover is probably a good idea. Amazon's case is also very affordable at just $25 and available in a variety of colors. It fits snugly to the tablet and offers a cover that has a kickstand fold but it is not as flexible or sturdy for holding up the tablet like the more expensive origami cases for the previous Fire tablets.

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Fire HD 6 Case

Fire HD 6 Case
Fire HD 6 Case. ©Amazon

Amazon's Fire HD 6 is an incredibly affordable tablet making it accessible to just about anything. Those getting the Kid's Edition get a case to go with it but if you don't buy it or want the rugged and bulky Free Time case, Amazon also makes a more traditional case with fold over screen cover that can double as a stand. It is made of polyurethane and available in six colors including black, cayenne, citron, cobalt, magenta and purple. Priced at just $30.

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Fire HD 8 (2015) Case

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2015) Case
Fire HD 8-inch (2015) Case. ©Amazon

If you happen to have the larger Amazon tablet, the company offers a similar folding case design as the new Fire 7-inch. It features a simple cover and case design with a single fold on the to use the cover also as a stand. It is relatively affordable at just $40 and available in a variety of colors.

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Fire HD 10 (2015) Case

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2015) Case
Fire HD 10-inch (2015) Case. ©Amazon

Amazon's largest tablet receives the same treatment as the others when it comes to the case. It features a polyurethane construction that covers the full tablet with a cover that also doubles as a stand thanks to the single fold. It is not as nice as their past origami case covers for stability but the cases are a bit more affordable. It is available in a variety of colors and is priced at $50.

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USB Power Adapter

Amazon Kindle PowerFast
Amazon Kindle PowerFast. ©Amazon

One way that Amazon keeps the prices low on the Fire tablets is to limit the number of accessories that ship with them. One such accessory that is missing is a power adapter. Instead of providing an AC adapter to charge the tablet, buyers must rely on connecting the tablet's USB cable to a computer. This is relatively slow at charging the tablet and not very useful if you don't have a computer around to connect it to. The PowerFast is essentially an AC to USB power adapter that can be used for more than just the Kindle devices but it is relatively compact and specifically meant for the tablets. (Note that this is included with Kindle Fire HDX tablets.) Priced around $20.

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Wireless Keyboard

Anker Ultra Compact Bluetooth Keyboard
Ultra Compact Bluetooth Keyboard. ©Anker

Amazon tried releasing their own wireless bluetooth keyboard specifically for their tablets but it was not very well received. As a result, they have discontinued it so if you really want to add a keyboard to the tablet, I recommend the Anker Ultra Compact Bluetooth Keyboard. This is a very small keyboard with a very affordable price of under $30 that can actually be used with any Bluetooth compatible tablet, smartphone or computer. It is available in either white or black.

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Portable Battery

Anker PowerCore 20000maH External USB Batter Pack
PowerCore External USB Battery. ©Anker

While tablet battery life is generally more than many people need, people often forget to plug it in to charge or may not have access to power to charge it while traveling. A portable battery provides an easy solution for charging a nearly depleted Fire tablet so you can continue to use it. The Anker PowerCore may be a fairly large battery pack but it provides plenty of power to run for a nice long time. It provides several USB ports for charging and can be charged itself through a micro-USB port. Priced around $45.

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Wacom Bamboo Stylus
Wacom Bamboo Stylus. ©Wacom

Touchscreens are incredibly easy to use but they do have their drawbacks. First, the screen can get dirty very quickly from the oils on our fingers that get placed on the glass. Second, people with larger hands may have difficulty getting precise placement on the screen, especially smaller higher definition screens like the Kindle Fire HDX. A stylus is a specialized sort of pen or pointing device that are used to mimic the capacitive nature of human skin for touchscreen displays. The styles are quite diverse from standard looking pens to ones that look like paint brushes. Prices range from as little as $10 to over $100 but most tend to be around $30

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Cleaning Cloth

3M Cleaning Cloth
3M Cleaning Cloth. ©3M

Tablets feature touchscreens which obviously means that users put their hands all over them. With this comes the collection of dirt and oils from our hands. Eventually, they cause the images on the displays to cause glare or reflections, especially in bright sunlight. A good cleaning cloth is invaluable for keeping the glass clean such that it provides a pristine picture for reading, watching or playing. The 3M microfiber cloth is designed to work with electronics and their displays. This makes it particularly well suited for cleaning the glass surfaces of touchscreen tablets like the Kindle. Prices range from a few dollars to $15 based on size.

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Netflix Subscription


While Amazon Prime is a very good streaming video service for owners of the Kindle, it still doesn't have quite as much as the number one streaming company, Netflix. Netflix also offers streaming services to the Amazon tablet via a native application on the Amazon Application store. Previously they allowed​ the purchase of gift subscriptions online but now instead they use gift cards. They can be found ​in any Best Buy location and many other retailers in various denominations.

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Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon is a content provider as much as it is an online retailer. They offer books, music, and video all from their storefront. In addition to this, they also offer Amazon Prime that is very beneficial to Kindle and Fire owners. It can be used for streaming TV and movies as well as borrowing books. The service is available for $80/year. Amazon gift cards can be used to pay for this service or purchasing specific media items. In addition, the gift card money can also be used to remove the ads that help subsidize the cost of the Fire tablets. Even if your recipient may not use it for any of these, they can purchase just about anything from the largest online retailer