Gift Ideas for New Xbox One Owners

What to Give A New Xbox One Owner

Xbox Gift Card. Microsoft

The dedicated Xbox gamer in your life probably already has an Xbox One and all of the games they want for it, but what else can you get them this holiday season to help them get the most out of their new system? Since the system only just barely came out, your options are kind of limited, but we have some ideas.

Rechargeable Batteries

Either the official Microsoft Play & Charge Kit for around $25 or a set of rechargeable batteries with a wall charger (we recommend Eneloop are a smart way to go. This way they will always be charged up and ready to game. Rechargeable batteries cost more up front, but absolutely save you money in the long run and are definitely the way to go.

HDMI Switch

True story time. All of the new systems released in the last year have caused quite a log jam around my TV's two sad little HDMI ports. The solution is an HDM switch, and the one we recommend is the Kinivo 501BN (5 ports) for around $40 or the Kinivo 301BN (3 ports) for $30. 

There are cheaper switches available, but most of them aren't powered, which will cause loss of signal so your expensive new game system won't look as good as it should. The Kinivo switches are both A/C powered, but also have cool features like automatic switching so they will switch to the proper port on their own when you turn that system on. You can also switch manually with an included remote. They are also very small and will tuck away into your entertainment setup without taking up much room.

External Hard Drive

Because all games have to be installed to the Xbox One's hard drive, and some of the games can be pretty huge, you'll run out of space pretty quickly. The easy solution is to buy an external USB hard drive. They are relatively inexpensive (around $55 for a 1TB and they go up in cost and storage from there) and will definitely be appreciated by any new Xbox One owner. We have a full guide to using Xbox One External Hard Drives here.

Microsoft Gift Cards

Formerly known as Microsoft Points, these gift cards let you buy things digitally on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. With great games like Killer Instinct and Powerstar Golf already out, and Peggle 2 and Halo: Spartan Assault coming in December, stocking up on Microsoft Cards is definitely a good investment. 2014 will also bring a flood of new digital content, so stocking up now is a wise decision. You can get cards as low as $5 and as high as $100 and anywhere in between.

Also, since all of the Xbox One retail games are also available for download, giving a Microsoft Gift Card lets the person you give it to buy any game they want, so you won't mistakenly buy them a game they either already have or won't like. Everyone is happy this way.

Xbox Live Gold Subscription

You need Xbox Live to really get the most out of the Xbox One. Not only does it let you play games online but a lot of other features require Xbox Live Gold as well. Stocking up on Gold cards during the Holiday season when you can find them on sale just makes sense.