Great Gifts for IT Security Geeks

They keep you safe from hackers, buy them something nice

Professional I.T. security comes in various forms and price ranges

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With the shopping season well underway, the big question is: what do you get the IT security geek that has everything? These folks can be very hard to shop for. Here are some gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to even the meanest IT security person on your list.

The IronKey Personal Secure USB Drive

It may look like an innocent USB thumb drive, but there is much more to the Ironkey than meets the eye. This little drive is like the Batman utility belt of security tools. The IronKey provides military-grade file encryption, secure password management, and has a built-in digital certificate for strong authentication. Perhaps it's the coolest feature is its portable Firefox web browser that runs directly off the drive so no cookies or data is left behind on the PC you are using. It also triple encrypts all web traffic and provides secure DNS to prevent you from being scammed by spoofed websites. The IronKey Personal Edition is available from the IronKey website

2GIG Technologies Go!Control Wireless Security System

Known as "the iPod of Security Systems", this sleek touchscreen based wireless security system is DIY-friendly and has bleeding-edge features including the ability to control Z-wave enabled thermostats, door locks, light switches and dimmers, and much more. In addition to the standard land-line connection, the system comes with a built-in cellular radio allowing for multiple ways to connect to your alarm service. Paired with's service, the system can be armed and disarmed from your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry phone. The 2GiG Go!Control system is available from alarm installers nationwide. The DIY-inclined can order it from the

CloakBox Pro Secure VPN Router

The CloakBox Pro VPN router is an extended-range wireless router with a pre-configured personal VPN solution. The VPN service provided by WiTopia (for a yearly subscription fee) encrypts all traffic in and out the wireless and wired network connected to the CloakBox. The CloakBox also hides (cloaks) your true IP address behind WiTopia's VPN servers allowing for anonymous browsing and other cool features such as browsing the internet from abroad as if you were in your home country. The best part is that you don't have to configure your devices to use the VPN, there's no client-side software to install. The CloakBox handles all the encryption and decryption tasks which frees up your system resources for other tasks. The CloakBox is available from WiTopia with 1 full year of service included.

Clickfree C2N Automatic Backup Drive

Special software, backup schedules, and the inevitable locked file errors make backing up your PC a miserable experience. Clickfree hopes to change all of this with its Clickfree C2N automatic backup solution. Clickfree works over your network and allows for backups of multiple computers and is both PC and Mac compatible. The Clickfree C2N costs about $110 and is available from Clickfree's website.

MalwareBytes Pro Anti-Malware Scanner

MalwareBytes Pro is one of the best second opinion malware scanners on the market. Sometimes your main anti-virus might not catch everything. It's always good to have a safety net against malware that slips past your primary scanner. A lot of scareware, rootkits, trojans, and other malware make it past conventional anti-virus scanners. MalwareBytes Pro offers real-time protection and super-fast scans. MalwareBytes Pro is available from the Malwarebytes website.