Getting Mail on Your Android Phone

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Introduction to Mail Setup on Android Phones

One of the features that makes a smartphone "smart," is its ability to send and receive emails. With Android smartphones you can connect to personal as well as business email, allowing you to keep in contact with friends, co-workers, clients and anyone else.

This article will show you the simple steps involved in setting up email on your Android device but does not cover setting up your Gmail account. That's a separate app and a separate article.

Step 1. Press the Menu key and scroll through the icons until you find the Email shortcut. 

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Tap the Email Icon

Tap the Email icon (not the Gmail icon.)  If you have any email accounts linked to your Android, they will show up in list form. If you have no email accounts set up, you will be brought right to the email account setup screen where you can link your email to your phone.

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    Add Account

    Press the Menu key. This will bring up a few shortcuts on the bottom of the screen. One of the shortcuts will be Add Account. If you have existing email accounts set up already, you will need to press the Add Account button. If you do not have any email accounts set up, you will be brought right to the Add Account setup screen as soon as you press the Email shortcut from Step 2.

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    Enter Your Email Address and Password

    After you press the Add Account button, you will be asked to enter your email address and password. You will also have the option to select the email account you are adding to be the default email account on your Android phone.

    After entering in your email account information, press the Next button.

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    Choose Your Account Type

    After you enter in your account information, you will be asked what type of email account you are setting up. You'll choose from "POP3, IMAP or Exchange". If you do not know what type of email account yours is, check with your email provider.

    Note: Some Android phones, such as the DROID X, have modified their user interface and you won't see the same choices.

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    Enter Your Account Information

    Once you select what type of account you have, you will be need to enter information about the email account. You will need to know about the incoming and outgoing server information that you can get from your email provider.

    Once you enter in all the information, your phone will test the account settings. If you've entered the information correctly, your email account will be connected to your Android phone and you will be able to send and receive emails wherever you have either WiFi access or cell coverage.

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