How to Get Your Instagram Link

How to find your Instagram URL

What to Know

  • Select the profile photo on the Instagram account page.
  • The Instagram profile link is visible on the address bar of the browser as a unique URL.
  • The Instagram profile link is the combination of the Instagram domain URL and your username.

This article shows you how to copy your Instagram profile link from the desktop browser and on your iPhone. or Android phone.

How Do You Copy Your Instagram Profile Link?

When using the Instagram app on an iPhone, you may not think twice about your Instagram profile link. The unique profile link isn't prominently displayed anywhere on the mobile app. But this link is easy to find so that you can share it with anyone with a simple copy and paste. 

Instagram can be used as a web app. You can use any browser on your desktop computer or a mobile browser on your smartphone. 

  1. Log into your Instagram profile with the username and password. 

  2. Select your username or profile photo on the upper-right corner, and then select Profile to go to the Profile page.

    Profile image on Instagram home page
  3. The profile URL is visible in the address bar of the browser. 

    Instagram Profile Page with profile link in the browser address bar
  4. Copy the Instagram profile link. 

  5. Press Ctrl + C on a Windows keyboard to copy the profile link and Ctrl + V to paste it anywhere. On a Mac, use Command + C top copy and Command + V to paste the link. 

Some Instagram accounts are private and may not be visible even if you use the Instagram profile link to go to them. Deactivated Instagram accounts are also not visible.

How Do You Copy Your Instagram Link on iPhone?

The Instagram profile link isn't visible anywhere on the iPhone app. You will not find it anywhere in the app's settings as well. But as you know your account name (or anyone else's), the Instagram profile link is easy to put together.

  1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone and log in with your username and password if required.

  2. Tap on the Profile icon in the lower-right corner of the menu bar at the bottom.

  3. The username is prominently displayed above the profile photo on the profile page.

  4. The Instagram profile link is a simple combination of the Instagram site URL and the username. For instance, from the screenshot, the Instagram username is @indiescribe. So, the complete profile link will be which would link to the profile from anywhere. 

Use the Instagram profile link in blog posts, email signatures, or anywhere else to expand your content's reach. Alternatively, you can generate QR codes from the Instagram app and allow it to be scannable from any third-party camera app. Scanning the unique QR code will open the Instagram account linked to it. 

  • How do I put links on my Instagram stories?

    When you post a story on Instagram, you can use the sticker feature to add links. First, select the sticker tool from the top navigation bar, then choose the Link sticker. Next, add your desired link, tap Done, and place the sticker on your story before publishing it.

  • How do you get your Instagram link in your Twitter bio?

    Once you find the link to your Instagram profile, you can share it on your Twitter bio. On Twitter, Copy your Instagram link and go to your Twitter profile. Select Profile > Edit Profile and paste the link in the Bio or Website field.

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