Get Your Coworker's Name Right With Slack's New Tool

Plus easy contact info

Work messaging app Slack is getting new features to help break the ice and learn more about your coworkers.

One of the more helpful features has to be Slack's new pronunciation tool that will allow you to record how to correctly pronounce your name so that people can get it right the first time. If you want a quick glance at a person's information, Hover Cards are being added as an introductory window, plus users' profiles will now house more information.

Slack profile UI change


For the name pronunciation feature, anybody can go to your profile and listen to the recording. You'll also be able to write in your name's phonetic pronunciation right below the recording. Hover Cards appear when you hover your cursor over a person's profile picture.

In the Hover Card, you'll get an abbreviated profile description and buttons to directly contact that person through a message or a call. Both Hover Cards and the name pronunciation are currently rolling out to users; all you have to do is update Slack.

The revamped profiles will have three new modules: Contact, People, and About Me. Contact is how people can get in touch with you, People shows who you work with, and About Me lets you put in personal information (think birthdays and how many languages you speak).

Hover Cards


The new profile modules don't have an official launch date but may be part of the next update package. Slack recommends that you update when a new version rolls out.

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