How to Get Your Xbox Series X or S Online When It Won't Sign In

Can't download games or play with friends? Let's get you back online

The Xbox Series X and S can both be used offline, but they aren’t really designed for it. When an Xbox Series X or S won’t sign in and connect to the Xbox network, you lose access to your friends list, can’t play multiplayer games, can’t download new games and updates, can't access Game Pass, and can’t use streaming apps like Netflix or Spotify.

What Causes Xbox Series X or S Sign-in Errors?

When you have trouble signing in with your Xbox Series X or S, it’s usually due to a problem with the Xbox network, internet connectivity issues, or your login credentials. When your Xbox can’t connect to the internet, it can’t connect to the Xbox network either, so it won’t be able to sign in. The same is true if the Xbox network service itself is down, and entering the wrong password or username when logging in can have the same basic result.

If you can sign in, but you can’t play a specific online game, check to see if the game’s servers are down. Try the official Twitter account of the developer or publisher, and search social media for posts about that game being down.

How to Fix Sign-in Problems With the Xbox Series X or S

Since this problem is usually caused by a connectivity issue, service outage, or credential issue, you’ll need to check each one in turn to get back online. Follow these steps in order to get your Xbox Series X or S signed in and online again:

  1. Check your internet. If your other devices can connect to the internet, then this probably isn’t the issue. If other devices have difficulty connecting, then fix your internet connection and check to see if your Xbox Series X or S is able to sign in and connect.

  2. Check the status of the Xbox network. Your Xbox Series X or S needs to be able to connect to this service to access online features whether or not you are an Xbox Live or Game Pass Ultimate subscriber. If the Xbox network is down, you’ll just have to wait for Microsoft to fix the problem and try again later.

  3. Make sure you’re using the right login information. You use the same email and password combination to log into your Xbox as you do to log into sites like,, and

    Visit and try logging in using the same email and password that you put into your Xbox Series X or S, and see if it works. If it doesn’t, then either you or someone else changed your password, and you will need to use the new password to log in.

    Since a variety of Microsoft services all use the same login details, changing your password on one will change it for all of them. Did you recently change your Skype password, for example? If so, you’ll need to use the new password to log into your Xbox.

  4. Check your internet connection on your Xbox Series X or S. If you’re connected by Wi-Fi, you may simply have connectivity problems. In that case, moving the console, your wireless router, or just connecting your console to the router with an Ethernet cable may fix the problem.

    To check your internet connection on Xbox Series X|S:

    1. Press the Xbox button to open the Guide.
    2. Navigate to Profile & system > Settings.
    3. Navigate to General > Network settings.
    4. Select Test network connection.
  5. Log in using your controller. If your profile isn’t currently assigned to the controller you’re using, doing so may allow you to log in. To assign your profile to your current controller:

    1. Press the Xbox button to open the Guide.
    2. Navigate to Profile & system > Settings.
    3. Navigate to Account > Sign-in, security & passkey.
    4. Select This controller signs in, and choose your profile.

    This will only work if your email address and password are entered correctly, so make sure to perform that step before attempting this fix.

  6. Restart your Xbox Series X or S console. Your Xbox Series X or S may have a momentary glitch that can be fixed by restarting your console. If your console normally enters a low power state instead of shutting off, it’s especially important to make sure the console actually restarts.

    Here’s how to restart an Xbox Series X or S:

    1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the Guide.
    2. Navigate to Profile & system > Power.
    3. Select Restart console.
  7. Power cycle your Xbox Series X or S console. If simply restarting didn’t fix the problem, a power cycle may. This is a slightly more involved process, but it won’t remove any data from your console.

    1. Shut down your Xbox Series X or S.
    2. Unplug the console from power.
    3. Wait five minutes, then plug it back in.
    4. Turn the console on, and see if you can sign in.

What if Your Xbox Series X|S Still Can’t Get Online?

If you've verified that you're using the right username and password combination, that your internet connection is solid, and that the Xbox network and other Microsoft services aren't down, but you still can't get online, you may have a hardware problem. Contact Xbox customer support to see if your console is under warranty, or if they have any other suggestions.

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