How to Get Windows 10 for Android

Extend your Windows 10 experience to Android

Busakorn Pongparnit/Getty Images

Getting Windows 10 for Android isn't as easy as it seems due to the different types of CPUs used in desktop/laptops and Android-powered devices. However, Microsoft Launcher for Android is a great workaround that allows you to access your essential Microsoft apps and services right on your Android phone or tablet. It's an efficient home screen app that makes switching between your computer and mobile device smooth and seamless.

Microsoft Launcher supports Android 4.2 and up, and requires a valid Microsoft/Outlook account.

Link an Android Device to Windows 10

To ensure you're getting the most out of Microsoft Launcher, you'll have to add your Android phone or tablet to your computer.

  1. Press the Windows key+X, then select Settings from the Quick Link menu.

    A screenshot of Windows' Quick Link menu.
  2. Select Phone.

    A screenshot of the Windows 10 Settings app.
  3. Select Go to Shared experience settings.

    If you don't see this, jump to step 5.

    A screenshot of linked phones in Windows 10.
  4. Under Share across devices, select the toggle to turn it on, then select the back arrow (Settings) in the upper right corner.

    A screenshot of Windows 10 Shared experiences options.
  5. Select Add a phone.

    A screenshot of the Add a phone option in Windows 10.
  6. Choose your country code, enter your 10-digit mobile phone number, then select Send.

    A screenshot showing the Link your Android or iPhone to this PC verification box.
  7. Once your phone or tablet is linked correctly, you'll see your device listed under Linked phones.

Install and Setup Microsoft Launcher for Android

Now that you're Android device is linked to your Windows 10 computer, it's time to install Microsoft Launcher. If you followed the steps above, you would've received a link from Microsoft via SMS. The steps below demonstrate the installation and initial set up process for Microsoft's Launcher.

  1. Launch your default messaging app, open the text from Microsoft, then tap the Microsoft Launcher installation link.

  2. Tap INSTALL.

  3. Tap OPEN.

    Screenshots showing the installtion of Microsoft Launcher on Android.
  4. Tap Get started.

  5. Enter the Microsoft account you use with Windows 10, then tap Sign in with Microsoft.

  6. Enter the password for your Microsoft account, then tap Sign In.

    Screenshots of Microsoft Launcher's sign in process.
  7. Tap Got it.

  8. Tap ALLOW for each permission. You can deny specific access to parts of your device, but the launcher will lose some functionality.

  9. Tap Let's go.

    A screenshot of Microsoft Launchers permission requests.
  10. Choose Microsoft Launcher from the Select a Home app dialog box.

  11. Tap Turn on notification badges.

    A screenshot of Microsof Launcher getting set as the default home app on Android.
  12. Scroll down and tap Microsoft Launcher.

  13. Tap Sync now.

    A screenshot of Android Pie's notification badges screen.
  14. Tap Got it.

  15. Tap the toggle next to Microsoft Launcher to enable notification access.

  16. Tap Allow when the dialog box appears.

    Screenshots showing the steps for turning on notifications in Microsoft Launcher.
  17. You're done.

Personalize Microsoft Launcher on Android

Microsoft's Launcher gives you the option to customize its look and feel with Windows 10-style wallpapers (live and static), themes, and icons. You can also change the default search engine, Bing, to Google, Yahoo, AOL, or Ask.

Change Your Wallpaper with Microsoft Launcher

  1. Tap Wallpaper in the center of the home screen.

  2. A new Bing wallpaper will refresh each time you tap Wallpaper.

    A screenshot of Microsoft Launcer's live Bing wallpapers
  3. Tap Launcher Settings to manually select a wallpaper.

  4. Tap Personalization.

    A screenshot of Microsoft Launcher's settings screen
  5. Tap Wallpaper.

  6. Tap Select a wallpaper.

    A screenshot of Microsoft Launcher's wallpaper options.
  7. Select a single wallpaper or a daily slideshow.

Edit the Theme in Microsoft Launcher for Android

A screenshot of Microsoft Launcher's theme options.
  1. From Launcher Settings, tap Personalization.
  2. Tap Theme.
  3. You can edit the Header, Theme, Opacity, Blur, and Accent color.

Change Microsoft Launcher's Default Search Engine

A screenshot of Microsoft Launcher's search engine options.
  1. From Launcher Settings, tap Search.
  2. Tap Search engine.
  3. Tap one of the available search engines to make it your default.

Add Apps, Manage Accounts, and Customize Your Feed

Microsoft's Launcher keeps your Microsoft mobile apps organized in a single folder on the home screen. Accessing your feed is also a single swipe away, keeping you up-to-date with relevant information, including your calendar. The steps below show how to add MS applications, manage MS accounts, and add a custom touch to your feed.

Add Applications to Microsoft Launcher and access your app drawer

  1. Tap the Microsoft folder on your home screen.

  2. Tap the application you wish to install.

    A screenshot of Microsoft Launcher's apps folder.
  3. Tap INSTALL.

  4. Tap OPEN and continue with any on-screen setup instructions.

    A screenshot of Microsoft Outlook's Android app page.
  5. Tap the double-horizontal ellipsis icon in your favorite bar (first row of shortcuts) to open your app drawer.

  6. Tap the horizontal ellipsis menu in the upper right corner to expand your app drawer settings.

    A screenshot of Microsoft Launcher's app drawer options
  7. Manage your app drawer with the available menu options.

Sign In and Out of Your Microsoft Accounts

Screenshots of Microsoft Launcher's settings and accounts screens.
  1. Tap Launcher Settings.
  2. Tap Accounts.
  3. Tap Sign in to log in to an account, or Sign out to log out.

Access and Customize Your Feed

  1. Swipe right from the home screen to view your feed.

  2. Tap a tab, such as News, Timeline, or Glance, then scroll through your feed.

  3. To customize your feed, tap Launcher Settings, then tap Your feed.

  4. Tap the toggle next to Your feed, then tap Glance.

  5. Tap the toggle next to a widget to enable or disable it, or tap the widget for additional options.

  6. From the Your feed screen, tap News.

  7. Tap News interests or News market.

    A screenshot of Microsoft Launcher's news settings.
  8. Tap the toggle next to the news category you want to enable or disable.

Use Continue on PC and Cortana

The steps below outline how to use Windows' Continue on PC option and Cortana AI.

Continue on PC

A screenshot of Microsofts Continue on PC option in Android.
  1. In Microsoft's Edge browser, tap the Continue on PC icon in the bottom center of the screen.
  2. Tap your computer's name when it populates. If you tap Continue later, you'll receive a notification on your linked PCs.
  3. The web page will open immediately in an Edge browser on your linked Windows 10 PC.

Use Cortana Virtual Assistant in Microsoft Launcher

A screenshot of Cortana in Microsoft's Android Launcher.
  1. Tap theĀ Cortana icon in the far right of the search box.
  2. Tap YES to enable Cortana's help.
  3. Tap AGREE once you've reviewed the Terms & Privacy.
  4. Ask Cortana something with a clear and audible voice.
  5. Cortana will display results to your inquiry or command.