How to Get Views on TikTok

Put your TikTok videos in front of more eyeballs

What to Know

  • Create great videos: Follow popular trends, add hashtags and incorporate music as often as you can.
  • Hook your viewers in: Get them to watch until the end to increase your chances of showing up on the For You page.
  • Participate in challenges, use ideas from your best performing videos for future videos, and collaborate with others.

This article includes instructions for some of the best techniques you can use to increase your TikTok video views.


Beware of apps, sites, or other services that claim to get you more TikTok views or followers. These apps and sites are unofficial services that may operate against TikTok's terms or leave your account vulnerable to hacking.

How to Increase Your Views on TikTok

Getting more TikTok views starts with understanding what types of content people love to watch on the platform.

  1. Research videos that perform well. By looking at which videos already get tons of views, you can get ideas to create your own.

    When viewing successful videos, look for things like:

    • How it hooks the viewer in
    • Whether the video is funny, entertaining, inspiring, educational, shocking, controversial, etc.
    • Whether the video tells a story
    • How short or long the video is
    • The hashtags in the caption
    • Whether the video includes music or sound effects
    • Whether the user created the video for a TikTok challenge

    Use this information to pick a theme and style of video that best suits you or your brand.

  2. Understand the right way of using hashtags in your captions. Hashtags can either help you get views or be a waste of your 100-character caption space.

    When considering hashtags to use, following these tips:

    • Check the Discover tab to incorporate trending hashtags
    • Avoid using overly generic hashtags like #foryou, #foryoupage, or #FYP
    • Experiment with broad hashtags like #marketing or #socialmedia
    • Try niche hashtags like #socialmediamarketing
  3. Incorporate music into your videos as often as you can. According to Wired's article on TikTok, adding a popular song to a video can be the primary reason for it to go viral.

    You can add music to your TikTok videos by taking advantage of its built-in library of tracks or add sounds to your videos.

  4. Optimize your videos, so viewers watch them right to the end. The TikTok algorithm will show your videos on the For You page of more users if people watch the entire video or view it multiple times.

    To encourage your viewers to watch your videos, try experimenting with the following:

    • Hook viewers in immediately during the first few seconds of the video
    • Evoke curiosity, build suspense and reveal something only at the end
    • Integrate suspense into your caption
  5. Participate in TikTok challenges. You may get more views from people browsing the challenge hashtag or by being picked up by the TikTok algorithm and showing up on the For You page of more users.

    Find out how to find TikTok challenges and how to create a challenge video of your own.

  6. Make similar videos to your best performing videos. Once you've posted several videos and started gaining views, try to identify trends or themes in the ones that get the most views and then integrate those trends or themes into your future videos.


    Look at your audience and engagement stats to find trends more easily. To get access to analytics, you must switch to a Pro account. Tap Me in the bottom menu, tap the three dots in the top right corner, tap Manage account, tap Switch to Pro Account and follow the instructions.

  7. Collaborate with other users on your videos. Viewer reach can be taken much farther when multiple users share and promote the same video.

    You can collaborate with other users by doing the following:

    • Appearing in each other's videos (such as a dance routine) and tag each other's username in the caption
    • Create a new hashtag challenge together
    • Create a duet
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