How to Get Verified on Twitch

Stream time, viewer counts, and the other stats you need to become a Partner

What to Know

  • In one month, stream on Twitch for at least 25 hours, over 12 days, averaging 75 concurrent viewers.
  • Track your progress via Insights > Achievements > Path To Partner and apply for Twitch Partnership when ready.
  • Alternatively, if you have a large social media following, apply to become a Twitch Partner directly.

This article explains the different ways to get a verified badge on Twitch.

What Do You Need to Get a Verified Badge on Twitch?

Twitch verification badges are rewarded to Twitch streamers who have reached Partner status. Their main purpose is to reduce the risk of scammers impersonating popular streamer personalities, though these badges have also become a bit of a status symbol for those who earn.

Most streamers must attain Twitch Partner status to get a verified badge. The rare exceptions to this rule are brands and tools which have been directly approved by Twitch.

Twitch Partner Method 1: Use Your Social Media Clout

The fastest way to become a Twitch Partner and unlock the verified badge is to directly apply via this partnership application form on the Twitch website. This form is available to Twitch streamers who already have a large and engaged audience on other social networks or streaming platforms.

Twitch Partner Application form on the Twitch website.

Both brands and individuals can use this method though it’s really only affective for those who have follower or subscriber numbers in the tens of thousands.

Twitch Partner Method 2: Build Up Your Twitch Channel

If the first application method isn’t available to you, or you’ve tried it and were rejected, you’ll need to apply for Twitch Partner by building up your channel and reaching certain requirements.

Twitch Path to Partner achievement page on Twitch website.

These requirements can be tracked within your Creator Dashboard on Twitch via Insights > Achievements > Path To Partner. The requirements are the following:

  • Stream for 25 hours. This is the minimum requirement for the amount of streaming on Twitch you need to do. Ideally, this should not include pre-stream welcome screens.
  • Stream on 12 different days. Consistency is also key so try to stream on the same days every week and at the same times rather than streaming 12 days in a row at the end of the month.
  • Average of 75 viewers. This means you need to attract at least 75 viewers on average each time you streamed over the past 30 days. Twitch is looking at your ability to attract repeat viewers so having 2,000 viewers on one stream while just getting seven or so on other days will not help you get Partner. These views do not include those gained by hosts and raids.

Once the three achievements above have been unlocked on your channel, the ability to apply for Twitch Partner, which will get you that Twitch verified badge, will unlock.

Twitch Affiliates, streamers which are ranked above average users and below Partners, do not receive the verified badge. You don’t need to be a Twitch Affiliate before applying to become a Partner.

While a lot of streamers want to become a Twitch Partner so they can make money streaming, there are actually many different ways to make money on Twitch that don't require Partner status.

How to Get a Verified Badge in Chat on Twitch

The verified badge shown next to usernames in Twitch chats is the same badge rewarded to Twitch Partners. This means to get a verified badge in chat on a Twitch channel, you need to have achieved Twitch Partner status.

Twitch website with the verified badge highlighted next to a streamer's name and profile.

Verified badges are used in Twitch chats to prevent scammers and trolls from pretending to be famous Twitch streamers or other celebrities.

Twitch Partners who have a verified badge next to their name on their channel profile or page should also have a badge next to their name in Twitch chats. If someone is claiming to be a popular streamer and doesn’t have a verified badge, it’s likely they’re a scammer and should be reported.

How Do You Get Verified on Twitch for Chat Participation?

Some Twitch channels enable an extra layer of security for their chats which require participants to have their accounts verified. This Twitch chat verification is completely different than the verified status Twitch Partners get and simply requires users to link a mobile phone to their account.

This process is mostly used as an attempt to reduce bots and online harassment in Twitch chats. Twitch chat verification is also separate from the two factor identification (2FA) process which is used to secure your account from hackers.

Twitch chat verification simply grants access to restricted twitch chats. It won’t give you a verification badge within the chat or on your profile.

  1. To verify your account for Twitch chat, open the front page of the Twitch website in a browser on your computer or browse to a Twitch channel’s page that requires chat participants to verify their account. You should receive a prompt asking you to verify your account.

  2. Select Continue.

    Twitch phone verification screen with Continue highlighted.
  3. Enter your mobile phone number and click Continue.

    Twitch phone verification screen with phone number field and Continue button highlighted.

    For Twitch verification, you can’t use a landline or Voice over IP (VoIP) number.

  4. You should receive a six digit number on your mobile phone. Enter it in the prompt in your web browser and click Submit.

    Twitch phone verification screen with code verification field and Submit button highlighted.
  5. If the Twitch verification was successful, you should be shown a confirmation message. Select Close.

    Twitch phone verification screen with Close highlighted.

Are There Different Types of Verified Badges on Twitch?

There’s only one official verified badge on Twitch, although it does appear slightly differently depending on where it’s used on the Twitch website and apps.

When placed next to a Twitch streamer’s name on their channel page or profile, the verified badge will appear as a checkmark within a purple heptagon or seven-sided polygon.

Twitch verified badge highlighted within a Twitch chat.

When the verified badge is placed next to a streamer’s name within a Twitch chat, it appears as a purple checkmark within a white heptagon within a purple square.

It is possible you may see other badges within a Twitch chat that look like a verification badge but these are custom badges created by the owner of the Twitch channel. These custom verified badges are used to reward certain audience members for being a loyal viewer or for continuing to renew their Twitch subscription to the channel for an extended period of time.

A custom channel badge highlighted in a Twitch chat that looks like a verified Twitch badge.

To find out the meaning behind these custom badges, hover your mouse cursor over it to activate a pop-up description.

  • What does it mean to be verified on Twitch?

    Becoming a Twitch Partner, and therefore verified, opens up several new options and features for your stream. You can use more emotes, recordings of your previous streams are available for longer (60 days versus 14), and your payout timeframe for ads and subscriptions is shorter.

  • How much does a Twitch Partner make?

    The amount of income you can expect to make as a Twitch Partner can vary. The money comes from subscriptions and stream donations (through bits), so the more engaged or generous your audience is, the more you'll make.

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