Get Stunning AI-Powered Filters with Photoshop Camera

The results are pretty amazing, and as easy as Instagram

Let's face it, Photoshop can be tricky to learn. Adobe's new app gives you amazing results with very little effort.

Photoshop Camera on iPhone X
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Creating a multi-layered, solid bit of photography art is a time-consuming task. Most of us don't have the time for it. Now we don't need to. Adobe launched Photoshop Camera, an app that makes creating complex, interesting image artwork as easy as applying a filter.

What it is: Adobe announced this bit of technological gee-whiz back in October 2019 and released it on Thursday. Basically, you can apply the fancy filters to your viewfinder, choosing what the end result is going to look like (you can also apply the filters after you take a shot). The app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize the subject of your photo and provide recommendations for the best filters to use. It also makes on the fly adjustments to the photo itself, fixing dynamic range, tonality, scene-type, and face region issues before you even snap the picture.

How it works: The filters are seemingly endless, and many are organized into "lenses," which are created by famous folk like Billie Eilish. You can post your photos to all the social networks from right inside Photoshop Camera, too.

Bottom line: If you've ever been fascinated by the kinds of photo wizardry shown off by Photoshop, you can now get many of the same results without any effort at all. Get ready for your Instagram feed to start blowing up with all sorts of fun imagery from gorgeous portraits to out-of-this-world landscapes, and surreal food shots. You can grab a copy of Photoshop Camera for iOS and Android right now.

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