How to Get Street View on Google Maps

Immerse yourself in a street level view of most any spot

What to Know

  • On the web: Select Street View in Layers > More. Drag Pegman to a blue line on the map. Your screen will transform to a street-level view.
  • Mobile app: Select Street View in Layers. Tap the Street View icon for a full screen of photos or a blue line for a partial screen. 

This article explains how to enter Street View in Google Maps on the web and mobile app. You can then move the photo to look around or go forward to see even more.

Use Street View in Google Maps on the Web

With Google Maps on the web, you can feel as if you’re part of a location with Street View. You can also view older photos of your Street View location where available.

  1. Use the search or move about the map to find a location. 

  2. On the bottom left, click Layers and select More. Then, choose Street View. You’ll then see blue lines on the map indicating where you can place Pegman (Google’s human icon) for a closer view.

    Street View option highlighted in Google Maps in a browser
  3. Grab Pegman from the bottom right of Google Maps. Then, drag and drop it on one of the blue lines. You’ll see a small green highlight below Pegman so that you can drop him directly on the target.

    Pegman highlighted on a Google Map
  4. Your screen will immediately change to that close-up view as if you were standing on the street yourself. Drag the map left or right to see the entire view. You can also click the square or arrow that displays to move to different spots in the area.

    Google Maps street view of New York with arrow highlighted
  5. If older photos are available, you’ll see a clock symbol in the location box on the top left next to “Street View.” Click the clock icon and then use the slider to go back in time.

    Google Maps Street View New York scene with clock highlighted
  6. To place an older photo in full view, click it above the slider. The Google Maps Street View will update with that photo and briefly display the month and year for the picture. Click the furthest point on the right of the slider to return to the most current view.

    Google Maps Street View older photo displayed with far right of slider highlighted
  7. To exit Street View in Google Maps, click the X on the top right.

Use Street View in Google Maps on Mobile

With Google Maps on your Android device or iPhone, Street View is only a few taps away. You can then display photos in a full or partial screen view.

  1. Enter a location in the search box or use the map to find a spot.

  2. Tap the Layers icon and select Street View. Use the X on the top right to close the Layers screen.

    Like the Google Maps website, you’ll see blue lines display that offer Street View. You then have two ways to see the photos.

    Google Maps with Times Square in the search field, with the Layers icon, Street View, and X highlighted
  3. First, you can tap the Street View icon that displays on the bottom left. This puts the photos in full-screen mode on your phone for a beautiful view.

    Google Maps with the Street View icon highlighted and street view of New York shown
  4. Second, you can tap a blue line on the map. This displays the photos on the top half of your screen instead. This lets you use the map and see the corresponding photos at the same time.

    Google Maps Street View with blue lines highlighted showing street view on half the screen
  5. In either view, you can move the scene left or right by dragging it with your finger. You can also double-tap spots to move to different locations in the scene.

  6. To exit Street View in the Google Maps mobile app, tap the back arrow on the top left.

    And to remove the blue Street View lines on the map, tap Layers and then Street View to disable it.

Want to do something cool with Street View? Try finding your house with the handy feature!

  • How often does Google Maps update Street View?

    There's no specific schedule on Google Maps Street View updates. Highly populated areas may get updates as often as weekly, while it may take years for other areas to get an update. Google is more likely to update an area where new housing developments have cropped up in previously isolated locations.

  • How do I take a screenshot in Google Maps Street View?

    You can take a screenshot of Google Maps Street View the same way you'd take a screenshot of any other app on your mobile device or computer. However, if you'd like to take a screenshot without Street View's navigation elements, consider downloading the Chrome browser extension Streetview Screenshot. This extension allows you to take screenshots of your browser's current page, and it will hide Street View's navigation elements.

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