Get Store Credit and More With PlayStation’s New Rewards Program

Become a PlayStation Star for all the goodies

Sony is working on a new rewards program that earns you PlayStation Store credit and possibly other merchandise through the games you play.

The upcoming loyalty program, called PlayStation Stars, will give members various "challenges" to complete relating to various games they might be playing. These tasks can be as simple as playing a game at some point during the month or something more complex like winning a specific tournament. It's unclear if the reward amount will vary based on the challenge, but presumably, being the first in a timezone to platinum a game would earn more points than earning a single trophy.

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Once you have stockpiled enough points, you can redeem them for various digital (and possibly physical) items—sort of like Nintendo's My Nintendo program. Sony says its points catalog "may include" a number of possible rewards such as PSN wallet funds to use on digital purchases or specific items from the PlayStation Store. Though, as with point values for tasks, the number of points you'll need to purchase these goodies is still under wraps.

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In addition to points, PlayStation Stars members can also earn digital collectibles. Sony didn't offer any specific examples, but said collectibles could include "figurines of beloved and iconic characters from games and other forms of entertainment." How these collectibles can be stored and viewed remains a mystery for now, but Sony says there will be a lot of them to earn and that some will be far rarer than others.

PlayStation Stars will launch in phases across various (unspecified) regions sometime later this year, with no cost to join and no PlayStation Plus membership requirement. Though having a PS+ subscription will allow you to earn additional points via PlayStation Store purchases.

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