How to Broadcast Yourself on YouTube

 So, you want to broadcast yourself on YouTube? This guide covers everything you need to know to broadcast yourself on YouTube, including:

  • Setting up your YouTube account
  • Preparing video files for upload
  • Optimizing videos for search
  • Setting up a YouTube channel, and
  • Promoting your YouTube videos

Before you can access the upload service, you need to create a YouTube account. Go to YouTube, and click on Sign Up in the top right corner.

From there, you'll be able to set up and customize your YouTube account.

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Prepare Your Videos to Upload to YouTube

To begin, you'll need to get a copy of your video ready for uploading. If you're brand new to uploading videos, you'll want to check out this article, Upload a Video to the Web. It covers the basics like bandwidth and video compression, which you'll need to know about before uploading a video to YouTube.

Currently, YouTube accepts pretty much any video format (including HD formats), and video files must be under 2GB and 15 minutes. I always try to keep my videos as large as possible within these limits. They take a little longer to upload, but the quality is much better.

It doesn't matter what you name the video file before you upload it to YouTube. You can change the title later.


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Upload Your Videos to YouTube

Now that your video file is prepared, you can upload it to YouTube. Just click the Upload button and you can browse for the file on your computer and then enter important information about your video.

Think carefully about the Title, Tags, and Description you add to your video. This is the information that will lead searchers to your video, so make sure to use clear and informative language. If having your videos show up in search is particularly important to you, use these Video SEO Tips.

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Customize Your YouTube Channel

Your YouTube Channel is where viewers can find all of your videos and information. It's your little home on YouTube for sharing your videos and interacting with fans.

There are lots of ways you can Customize your YouTube Channel, by adding images, text and changing the layout.

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Promote Your YouTube Videos

So now you've uploaded videos and set up your video channel. Congratulations, you're broadcasting yourself on YouTube. But is anyone watching?

With millions and millions of videos, it's hard to get yours seen. But by promoting your videos and interacting with other YouTubers you can begin to get people to watch and comment on your videos. It will take a little while, but with time you can Become a YouTube Star.

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