How to Get a Job in "The Sims"

The SIMS 4 screenshot


Getting a job with a traditional career track is almost mandatory to survive in "The Sims," at least without cheating.

Start Your Climb Up the Career Track Ladder

  1. Newspaper: Each day the local papergirl will deliver a newspaper to your house. With each paper comes just one job listing. Keep checking each day to find the career you are looking for.
  2. Computer: If your Sim family has a computer, you can check the want ads online. Each day there will be three job listings. If they don't have a computer, have them buy a computer, check the listings, and then sell it back. Repeat the process until you find the job you're looking for.
  3. Become a star: If you want to become a star, first get an agent through the Studio Town Insider newspaper which is delivered to your lawn each day. (For Superstar Expansion Pack owners only.)
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