Get Ready for 360-Degree Audio Recording on Your Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Along with remote camera zoom control for the Galaxy Watch

Your Samsung wearables are getting some new audio and visual recording upgrades.

New updates are headed to Samsung's wearables—including the Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Galaxy Watch5—to enhance your ability to record the world around you. Or at least make it a little easier to do so.

Galaxy Buds2 Pro


For the Galaxy Buds2 Pro (paired with a Galaxy smartphone), there's the new 360 Audio Recording feature. It's something Samsung says can pick up and record sound from all around you by using the microphones inside each of your earbuds. Watching video that utilizes 360 Audio Recording will, in turn, provide "lifelike and immersive sounds that emulate an in-person experience," according to the company press release.

An update for the Camera Controller app is also bound for the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5, which aims to give you a bit more camera control from your wrist. Once the feature goes live, you'll be able to adjust the zoom on your connected Galaxy phone's camera—either by pinching on the watch face or via bezel rotation.

Galaxy Watch5 Pro


360 Audio Recording is rolling out to Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Galaxy Z Flip4, and Galaxy Z Fold4 today as an update—as long as you're running at least One UI 5.0, and your device supports LE Audio. The Camera Controller update will begin its rollout to the Galaxy Watch4, Watch4 Classic, Watch5, and Watch5 Pro sometime in February—requiring One UI 5.1 and up.

These updates will start with Bluetooth versions of their respective devices, then follow up on LTE models after.

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