How to Get Philo on Fire Stick

Stream your favorite shows on Amazon's streaming device

What to Know

  • Go to Amazon's website > Accounts & Lists > Sign in > Enter your email address or number > Continue > Enter password > Sign-In.
  • Open the Philo app page. Select your Fire TV Stick from the dropdown menu > Get App.
  • You can watch Philo for free by using a seven-day free trial or sharing an account with others.

Philo is an affordable live TV and on-demand streaming service that you can watch on Amazon’s various Fire TV Stick streaming sticks via its official app. This guide will explain the easiest way to download the Philo TV app and explore some strategies for watching the service for free and some solutions for what to do when the Fire Stick isn’t playing Philo properly. 

How Do I Watch Philo Free on Fire Stick?

The official Philo app can be downloaded directly from the Amazon Appstore on Fire TV Stick devices without the need for any hacking or app side-loading. The easiest way to install the Philo on your Fire Stick is by using the Amazon website, as this doesn’t require navigating the Fire Stick UI and typing search phrases with the remote, both of which can often be very frustrating.

  1. Open the Amazon website in a web browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

    If you’re already signed into the Amazon website, move ahead to Step 5.

    Amazon website front page.
  2. Open the Accounts & Lists menu and select Sign in.

    The sign-in button highlighted on the Amazon website.
  3. Enter your Amazon email address or mobile number and select Continue.

    The Amazon website sign-in page.
  4. Enter your password and select Sign-In.

    The Amazon website sign-in page with password and email entered.
  5. Open the Philo app page.

    Philo app page on the Amazon website.
  6. Select the name of your Fire TV Stick from the dropdown menu on the right.

    The Philo app page on Amazon with the device drop-down menu highlighted.
  7. Select Get App.

    The Get App button highlighted on the Philo app page on Amazon.
  8. After a few seconds, the page should refresh and inform you the Philo app has begun downloading on your Fire TV Stick.

    The Philo app download page on the Amazon website.
  9. If you have your Fire TV Stick turned on, you should see a notification when the installation finishes. While this notification is on screen, press the button on the Fire Stick remote with the three horizontal lines to open the app.

    The Philo app should also be in your app library with all of your other installed Fire Stick apps.

    The Philo app being launched on Fire TV Stick.
  10. The Philo TV app will launch on your Fire Stick. Select Sign in to log in with your Philo account information or select Get started to create a new account.

    Philo Fire TV Stick app home screen.

How Can I Get Philo for Free?

The easiest way to get Philo for free is to sign up for a subscription and use its seven-day free trial. As long as you cancel your plan before the end of the seventh day, Philo won’t charge you.

Some people like to create a new account every week to get a new free trial. A less time-consuming strategy may be to make one with two friends or family members and split the costs.

A single Philo membership can be accessed on three separate devices at the same time.

Some internet and mobile service providers may offer free Philo memberships or longer free trials as part of a special promotion, so it can be worth comparing providers when considering switching services if this is something of interest to you. 

Why Is Philo Not Working on Fire Stick?

There are several reasons why the Philo app might not be working correctly on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

  • The three-screen limit. Philo only lets users watch on three different screens at the same time. If this limit has already been reached, you won't be able to start a new stream until someone ends their session.
  • Slow internet connection. Philo recommends at least 1.5 Mbps to watch standard definition (SD) content and at least 5 Mbps to view content in high definition (HD).
  • Region limits. Philo might not be available in your region. If you can't find the Philo app in the Amazon Appstore, this is likely the case. Loading the Philo website in a web browser will let you know if Philo is available to you.

If your Fire TV Stick isn't loading at all, there are some other fixes worth trying.

  • Why is Philo buffering on my Fire Stick?

    You might have too many devices competing for resources on your network; try disconnecting a few to see if that helps stop buffering on your Fire Stick. Your Fire Stick might also need an update. Go to Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for System Update. If you have issues with other apps on your Fire Stick or other devices on your home network, restart your modem and router.

  • How do I cancel Philo on Fire Stick?

    If you signed up for a Philo subscription on your Fire Stick, view your subscription from Use the drop-down menu under Actions and click Turn off auto-renewal. From the Philo site, select Account > Cancel my account.

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