Get Off the Couch and Virtually Jump Rope with your Nintendo Switch

It’s only available until September

It’s probably a good idea to add a little physical exercise to battle those quarantine-inspired extra pounds. Nintendo’s free Switch game can help.

Jump Rope Challenge on a Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo has given us all the gift of activity with a new, free game on Nintendo Switch. Called Jump Rope Challenge, the title tasks you with a simple movement that mimics jumping rope. Sure, you don’t have to actually jump up and down, but you do need to swing the Joy-Con controllers around in a circular motion; even sitting down, your arms are gonna get a little tired.

Grab your copy: All you need to do is open the eShop on your Switch and search for Jump Rope Challenge. As of now, it’s prominently displayed on the main store page, but that may change. Download the app, take the Joy-Cons off your console, and make sure they’re paired. Polygon notes that the game will only be available through September, so get your own copy now.

Not the first: Nintendo has been creating fitness games for quite a while now, most famously with Wii Fit on the original Wii console back in 2008. Currently, the company is selling Ring Fit Adventure, a fitness game that revolves around a flexible ring to provide various strength and cardio exercises in a fun way. Jump Rope Challenge has no extra cost or peripheral needed, so you can, well, jump right in and play.

How it works: Once you start swinging your Joy-Cons, the game is fairly simple. it counts the number of rotations with a cute little bunny icon (you can change its outfit, too!), and gives you little visual rewards for milestone repetitions. I got a cute kitty background and a flower icon when I hit 100 revolutions, for example. The flower icons display how many hundred jumps you’ve made at the top so you can track your progress.

You can play with two people on the same Switch, and you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to save your progress via the cloud. It will not work on the Switch Lite, as those controllers are permanently attached.

Bottom line: Anything that helps us battle a sedentary lifestyle is useful, especially as we all try to stay at home more during the pandemic. The app only costs you a little effort, whether you sit on your couch and twirl your wrists or go full-on athletic and jump rope virtually. What have you got to lose, besides calories?

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