How to Get Noticed on Mixer

Become a famous streamer with these Mixer tips

Mixer may not be as large as YouTube or Twitch, but there are still plenty of people watching video game streams. If you're hoping to start a career as a content streamer, then you'll need to know how to get found on Mixer.

How to Get Your Mixer Channel Noticed

Some streamers go for an over-the-top personality while they're broadcasting, bringing in costumes or silly props. Others stick to a particular niche of gameplay or bring audiences from existing YouTube channels or ventures. If you're starting out fresh on Mixer without an audience, then branding and consistency will be two of your biggest necessities.

The Mixer website features popular streams on the homepage.

Consistent Streaming on Mixer

Those in the streaming community know that if you aren't streaming, you're losing viewers. When you first get started, create a schedule for yourself, and then stick to it. That way, the people who find you will know when you're going live, and they will be more likely to return to watch.

Be sure to update your Mixer profile with information about your schedule so that viewers will be able to look you up and tune in at the right times.

Branding on Mixer

Branding yourself means treating your channel and streams like a business. This means taking time to decide on eye-catching names, setting (and sticking to) a schedule for your streams, and choosing games that viewers want to see you play.

When you're first getting a Mixer channel off the ground, self-promotion is mandatory for building your audience. Tell people about your streams. Advertise it on your other social media platforms, make business cards, network with other streamers, and visit local game stores. If people don't know that you exist, they can't find your channel.

Creating a logo or brand name that you can attach to your promotional posts can help people recognize you, even when they're just scrolling through their feed.

Interact With Other Streamers

You'll also want to reach out to the community and find other streamers in your niche to follow and interact with. Collaborations with other streamers are a great way to draw people to your channel. Genuine and authentic relationships take time to build, but they'll pay dividends down the line once you are established and well known.

Invest in Yourself

While you can likely start streaming with your computer's built-in camera and mic, having adequate equipment ensures that your video and audio quality is consistently good. Viewers want to interact with you, and that's more difficult without the right equipment.

This means making sure that the specs on your computer are decent enough to run your game and the extra software needed. You will also want to pick up an HD webcam, a PC mic for streaming, and maybe a few more gaming accessories to make you more comfortable while you game. After all, you're going to be sitting in one place for long periods of time.

Play the Games You Love

Enthusiasm is contagious. Find games that you like to play and share them with your viewers. When you are broadcasting, it's going to be clear if you don't like the game you are playing, and people don't want to watch you have a bad time. If you love a specific series or genre, then focusing on them may bring other fans to your channel.