How to Get NFL Sunday Ticket Without DirecTV

Stream NFL games without a satellite

What to Know

  • Stream Sunday Ticket if you live where there's no DirecTV satellite service, or an apartment building, condo, or other multi-unit building.
  • NFLST.TV To Go and NFLST.TV Max both offer Sunday Ticket; college students can get NFL Sunday Ticket U on one device for $99.99/year.
  • Skip Sunday Ticket completely and stream football on your own with a live TV service like Hulu.

This article explains how to get Sunday ticket without DirecTV (or get a discount if you're a college student) and shows you how to get your football fix via alternative streaming methods.

How to Watch NFL Sunday Ticket Without DirecTV 

The bad news: NFL Sunday Ticket is exclusive to DirecTV, which is why you used to need a subscription and satellite dish to get it in the past. These days, though, you may be able to stream it over the internet, but there's a big catch: If you're able to get DirecTV satellite service in your area, that's the only way to get Sunday Ticket. Sorry cord cutters!

The good news: You're eligible to stream Sunday Ticket via NFLST.TV if you live in:

  • An area where there's no DirecTV satellite service, or
  • An apartment building, condo, or other multi-unit building.

To find out if you're eligible to get Sunday Ticket without DirecTV and, if you are, to sign up, follow these steps:

  1. Check your eligibility with DirecTV by entering your address.

    • If you're not eligible, you can't stream NFL Sunday Ticket and will need to get a DirecTV satellite to watch it.
    • If you are eligible, you'll need to select which subscription you prefer.

    Your choices are:

    • NFLST.TV To Go: US$293.96/year to stream out-of-market Sunday games on one device.
    • NFLST.TV Max: $395.99/year to stream out-of-market Sunday games on one device, plus the Red Zone and Fantasy Zone channels.
    screenshot of NFL Sunday Ticket website
  2. Choose the plan you want to subscribe to, create your account, enter your payment information, and follow any other onscreen instructions.

  3. Once your account is set up and your subscription is valid, download the Sunday Ticket on the device you want to watch on (you can also watch via your web browser).

  4. In your browser or the app, log into your account and, when Sunday comes around, watch games.

Just like with the standard Sunday Ticket package, NFLST.TV To Go and Max offer only the games played outside your local market and doesn't offer playoff games. You'll need to stream games those via other services.

How to Get Sunday Ticket U for Students

If you're a college student, there's a special package for you: NFL Sunday Ticket U. At a discounted price of $99.99/year, you can stream out-of-market Sunday games on one device.

The instructions in the previous section apply to college students, too, except for where you go to check eligibility and to set up your account. Here's where to go if you're a college student looking to sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket U.

Skip Sunday Ticket in Favor of a Live Streaming Service

Streaming services that offer live television, like Hulu + Live TV, offer almost all of the Sunday NFL games via standard television channels. A service like this is often much cheaper than DirecTV.

You can stream the following football programs on your computer, phone, or streaming device via a television, too.

Where to Get Sunday Ticket Apps for Your Favorite Devices

Once you've confirmed you're eligible, and have signed up for the NFL Sunday Ticket streaming option, download the app for your preferred devices here:

  • What channel is NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV?

    DirecTV customers can watch NFL Sunday Ticket on channels 705-719. If you subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket Max, you can watch the Red Zone Channel on channel 703 and the DirecTV Fantasy Zone channel on 704.

  • Where can I watch college football?

    In addition to NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV, other places to watch college football include ESPN, NBC, the NFL Network, ESPN College Extra, and regional Fox Sports networks,

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