Get More Help for Your Tech Troubles

Still having trouble? Here are more ways to get help

You probably found your way to this page looking for more help after reading one of our troubleshooting guides, software lists, or some other piece on this site.

If not, be sure to search Lifewire for a solution to your tech problem (which you can do using the big search box at the top of the page) before following the advice below.

Post on a Tech Support Forum

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The best way to get more help with a computer problem or other tech question is to post in a respected tech support forum.

There are several free and well-staffed tech support forums out there which are great options for help with your computer, phone, or some other device or software.

Here are some of our favorite computer help forums:

They all appear to be busy and full of experienced helpers, important factors if you'd like your question viewed and answered by as many people as possible.

Please be specific and thorough when leaving your comment. See How to Describe Your Problem to a PC Repair Professional for more on getting the most out of asking for help.

Contact the Manufacturer

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Your next best option for computer help after researching forums is to contact the software or hardware manufacturer directly. While forums are great for finding answers other people have already asked or asking other users about your own tech issues, some problems are only fixed when going directly to the source.

To reach out to the manufacturer, visit their website for a phone number, email address, or contact form. The hardware itself might even have support information like a social media handle or phone number.

See How to Talk to Tech Support before contacting the company.

Can I Email You?

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Email isn't a great way to get help from me with a computer question. However, I do like email for things like feedback on my articles, requests for software and service reviews, "thank you" notes, and general comments.

In other words, anything that doesn't require a response works well for email.

If that sounds more like what you want to talk about, feel free to send me an email.