How to Add HBO Go to Fire Stick

The HBO Go app for Fire TV Sticks didn't exactly disappear, it evolved

What to Know

  • The HBO Go app for Amazon Fire Stick devices was removed from app stores in late-July 2020 and no longer works.
  • Most of HBO Go’s content is now available within the new HBO Max app which HBO subscribers can access.
  • Some Amazon Fire TV Stick users may need to download the new HBO Max app which is separate from the old HBO Go app.

The Fire Stick HBO Go app no longer works and can’t be downloaded from the Amazon Appstore. This may be a bit of a shock for some users who haven’t opened the HBO Go app in a while but there’s a good reason for this change and even a few benefits.

This guide will explain exactly what happened to the HBO Go app on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick streaming sticks and how to watch HBO Go content now that the app’s gone.

Why Is HBO Go Not Working on Fire Stick?

In mid-2020, HBO announced the HBO Go app would be discontinued and all of its content migrated to the new HBO Max app. This shift in focus was partially done to help promote the new HBO Max streaming service, which is also available within the new app, but it also lets existing HBO subscribers access all of HBO content within one place without having to switch apps or devices.

The HBO Go was discontinued in 2020. Most of its content can now be viewed via the new HBO Max streaming service on Fire Stick and other devices.

The HBO Go app was shut down in July 2020 on all platforms, including Amazon’s Fire TV Sticks, in most regions. After that date, users could no longer download the HBO Go app from app stores and those who opened it were greeted with an HBO splash screen and nothing more. The HBO Go website was also shut down.

Can You Watch HBO Go on Fire Stick?

You can’t use the HBO Go app on Fire Stick streaming sticks anymore and, even if you were able to side-load an old version of the app onto a Fire Stick, it still wouldn’t work as the HBO Go service itself has now been merged with HBO Max.

HBO Max app on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

You can still watch HBO Go content on a Fire Stick, however, as the vast majority of it, if not all of it, was merged with the HBO Max media library.

How Do I Watch HBO Go on Fire Stick?

While the HBO Go Fire Stick app is now unusable, you can still view your favorite shows, films, and other content via the new HBO Max app. What’s more, if you’re still an HBO subscriber, it’s likely you already have access to HBO Max with your current account information. It’s also possible an HBO Max subscription is included with your internet or cable bundle.

If you had access to HBO Go, it’s incredibly likely you also have access to the new HBO Max streaming service.

The get started watching your HBO Go content on your Amazon Fire TV Stick again, download the new HBO Max app and then try to log in with your HBO account information.

Why Can’t I Log Into HBO Max With My HBO Go Info?

If you’re having trouble logging into the Fire Stick HBO Max app with your old HBO Go information, there are some quick tips to try to get to HBO's content.

  • Check you’re using the HBO Max app. Remember the original HBO Go app no longer works. You need to use the new one called HBO Max.
  • Check your email inbox for HBO Max login information. Search you inbox for any emails containing references to HBO from around June or July 2020. They may contain information on your new account information or instructions on how to migrate your account.
  • Ask your service provider. Your cellular or internet provider may have included HBO Go with your service but decided not to support HBO Max.
  • Use the forgotten password option. It’s possible you may have simply forgotten the email address and password you used. Use the option on the HBO Max website to retrieve or reset your password.
  • If I have HBO Go through DIRECTV, how do I stream content on my Amazon Fire Stick?

    Download the HBO Max app on your Fire Stick if you don't already have it. Search for the app from Home > Find > Search or Appstore > select Get Open > Sign in with a provider > DIRECTV > and log in with your username and password. If you can't log in on your Fire Stick, try to access your account at or learn how to add premium channels to your DIRECTV plan.

  • How do I cancel my HBO Go subscription on my Fire Stick?

    HBO never offered standalone HBO Go subscriptions. If you used HBO Go when it was available on your Fire Stick, you could use the streaming app because you had an HBO subscription with your cable provider. If you no longer want HBO, log in to your account with your HBO billing provider to cancel your subscription. If you still want to stream HBO shows and movies on your Fire Stick, check with your provider to see if you have HBO Max access or find a new option from HBO's list of HBO Max providers.

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