How to Get a Free Yandex.Mail Account

An alternative to Gmail and Outlook

How to create Yandex account

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Creating a Yandex.Mail account with a new email address and plenty of online storage is easy — and free.

A new account is easy to create at Yandex.Mail. You get a fresh email address, of course, plenty of storage, a rich web interface, and IMAP as well as POP access as well.

How to Create Yandex Accounts

To set up a new Yandex.Mail account and email address:

  1. Open the Yandex.Mail page.

  2. Select Create an Account. The Registration page will open.

    Screenshot of Create an Account in Yandex Mail
  3. Enter your first name under First name.

  4. Enter your last name under Surname.

  5. In the Enter a Login line, enter the user name you want to use. This will be the first part of the email address, which will be followed by

    Yandex will suggest several logins for you. Choose one or try another of your own to see if it is available.

    Screenshot of Registration page
  6. Type the password you want to use for your Yandex.Mail account under Enter a Password. Type the password again under Reenter to Confirm.

    A strong email password is long, easy to remember for you and hard to guess for anybody else.

  7. Type a phone number where you can receive SMS text messages under Mobile Number.

    Entering your mobile number is optional. If you prefer not to enter your number, select I don't have a mobile phone number. Select a question you will have to answer to regain access to your account should you ever forget the password, for instance, under Security question. Enter the answer to the security question you picked under Answer to the security question.

  8. Select Send Code.

    Screenshot of Send Code button
  9. Enter the code you receive by SMS and select the Register button.

    Screenshot of SMS Code and Register button
  10. Select Accept on the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use window that appears.

    Screenshot of Privacy Policy agreement
  11. Wait while Yandex logs you in to your new email account.

  12. Select Turn on Notifications on the Never Miss a Message window if you wish to turn on browser notifications even when you are not in your Yandex.Mail account.

You can access your Yandex.Mail account online via a web browser. However, there are other ways to receive, read, and reply to email messages with your Yandex account.