How to Get Free Redbox Rentals With Redbox Perks

Redbox Perks Makes It Easy to Get Free Rentals

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Redbox Perks, formerly known as Redbox Play Pass, is a rewards program from Redbox that lets you earn points that can be redeemed for free rentals

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Joining Redbox Perks Will Get You a Free Rental

You can get your first free rental just for joining Redbox Perks! New members will get one free one-night DVD rental. This expires after 2-weeks of receiving it so plan to use it quickly.

Visit Redbox Perks ​and click Start Earning to start the sign-up process. You'll need to log into your existing Redbox account or create a new one if you don't have one yet. 

After you're logged in, you'll be brought back to Redbox Perks and you can start earning.

How to Earn Points for Redbox Perks

To get rewards from the Redbox Perks program, you'll need to complete qualifying activities that will earn you points. Here's how you can get them:

  • Completing a paid transaction for the rental of a DVD (100 points/night)
  • Completing a paid transaction for the rental of a Blu-Ray disc (125 points/night)
  • Completing a paid transaction for the rental of a video game disc (200 points/night)
  • Completing a paid On Demand rental or purchase at or from the Redbox app on Android (125 points/transaction)
  • Adding an accepted payment card to your Redbox account if you never have (150 points)
  • Completing your Redbox disc preferences in your account for the first time (200 points)
  • Downloading the Redbox Mobile App if you've never had it and logging in (150 points)
  • Setting up and confirming "phone and pin" for text alerts (250 points)

You'll receive your points within 24-48 hours after making your payment.

Redbox Perks Rewards

Save up your Redbox Perks points for these rewards:

  • One-night Dvd rental (1,500 points)
  • One-Night Blu-Ray rental (1,750 points)
  • One-night Video Game rental (2,500 points)

Redbox Perks Levels of Status

Besides being able to collect points and spent them on Redbox rental, you'll also be rewarded for how often you rent from Redbox within a calendar year. Here are the levels:

  • Perks Member: Register for the program and remain in good standing
  • Star: Make 10-19 paid transactions
  • Superstar: Make 20-49 paid transactions
  • Legend: Make 50+ paid transactions

Transactions include renting DVDs, Blu-Rays, On Demand, or video game rentals, purchasing a movie or video game from a kiosk, purchasing digital codes, or purchasing an On Demand title.

Level Freebies from Redbox Perks

Depending on what level you are in with Redbox Perks, you'll get the following freebies:

  • Perks Member: A free one-night DVD rental when you join, Redbox promotions throughout the year, a one free one-night DVD rental on your birthday, two promo codes that will get you free Blu-Ray upgrades when you move up to the next level, two promo codes for Blu-Ray upgrades on your Redbox Perks anniversary as long as you maintain that level, get triple points for disc rentals at the kiosk on selected days, additional points for purchase of discs at kiosks and purchase of digital codes
  • Star Member: All of the above except your birthday gift can be used on any one-night rental including Blu-Rays and video games, you get 3 promo codes for both a level welcome gift and anniversary gift, you get access to 2 triple points earning days, and you can 500 points for each $5 spend on a DVD or Blu-ray disc or 750 points for each $5 spent on a game rental purchase from the kiosk or digital code
  • Superstar Member: The same as a Star Member but you get 3 promo codes for both level welcome and anniversary gifts, and access to triple points earning days 3 times a year, you can get 750 points for each $5 spent at the kiosk for a $5 DVD or Blu-ray purchase or 1,000 points on a game purchase
  • Legend Member: All the perks as a Superstar member but you get two free one-night disc rentals for your birthday

Checking Your Redbox Perks Points Balance

You can view your Redbox Perks points balance by logging into Redbox and visiting your Redbox account page.

More Redbox Perks Details

Here are a few details about the Redbox Play Pass program I found interesting:

  • It's only open to legal residents or the United States who are 13 or older
  • You'll automatically be enrolled if you are new to Redbox
  • You only get one Redbox Perks account
  • Your points will expire 12 months from the date you earn them
  • Your points will expire after 6-months of inactivity

You can read the whole Redbox Perks FAQ for more details on the program.