Get a Free Email Account for Some Email Anonymity

Here are 9 Potential Sources

You may feel that email providers (ESPs) have no right to your personal information, that you feel it's your right to send emails anonymously, and/or that anonymity protects your right to free speech. It all has to do with privacy. If so, here are some ideas regarding free email accounts, how to send a truly anonymous email, and free email accounts that provide anonymity.

But Be Careful

Please note that while you may consider sending anonymously to be your right as an individual if your message is a prank, a fake or if the message is obscene or threatening, it may be considered fraud and thus run afoul of the law. If your message is commercial, this is then spam and there are a bevy of federal laws, such as the CANN-SPAM Act, that precludes this

Sending a Truly Anonymous Email

If you want to send an email in a truly anonymous manner, you have to send it through a chain of remailers that remove all traces that can lead to you. This works reliably and is very secure, but it also is a tedious process.

Get a Free Email Account 

Here's a list of free email accounts:

Of course, you have entered personal details during the sign-up process and possibly also an email address that can be followed to you. The provider of the free email account can identify you.

9 Free Email Accounts that Provide Anonymity

TorGuard offers both free and paid email accounts that provide anonymity (and no ads). The free version gives you 10MB of storage, end-to-end security using SSL encryption and G/PGP encryption.

GuerillaMail provides a free, disposable, self-destructing, temporary email address. No personal data is required.

Anonymous has a free email and SMS service.

Symail is another free service that lets you send, receive and manage your email 100% anonymously.

CyberAtlantis will send your email, stripping off the IP address, so the recipient does not know who sent it.

W-3 Anonymous Emailer - You only need to enter the receiver’s email address, subject and the message for the email.

Send Anonymous Email - this has a plain interface to enter the receiver’s address, subject and message. No other details are required.

Send Email - it's free and all you have to do is enter who you want to send the email to, the subject line and the message.

Anonymouse is free and lets you send an email without entering any personal information at all.