How to Get Discovery Plus on Roku

Search for the Discovery Plus channel on your Roku and sign up or sign in

What to Know

  • From your Roku device: With your remote, select Search > enter Discovery Plus.
  • Select Discovery Plus > Add Channel > OK > Go to channel > Sign up or Sign in if you have an account.
  • Or, go to Roku's Channel Store in a web browser, search for Discovery Plus, then select Details > Add Channel.

This article explains how to get Discovery Plus on a Roku streaming device. The instructions will work for any Roku compatible with Discovery Plus.

How to Get and Install the Discovery Plus App on Roku

The official Discovery Plus app is available directly from Roku, so the easiest way to get it and install it on your Roku is to add it while using your Roku device.

If you have a Roku, it's all set up, and nobody else is currently using it; here's how to get Discovery Plus:

  1. From the home screen of your Roku device, press down on your remote until you reach Search.

    Search on Roku home screen

    If you see Discovery Plus on this screen, you can select it and skip directly to step five.

  2. Start typing Discovery Plus with the on-screen keyboard.

    Typing discovery in the Search field on Roku Search
  3. Select Discovery Plus from the search results to the right as soon as it appears.

    Discovery Plus in Roku search results
  4. Select Discovery Plus from the list of channels.

    Discovery Plus highlighted in Roku search results.
  5. Select Add channel.

    Add Channel button on Roku for Discovery Plus
  6. Select OK.

    OK button on Roku channel added message.

    At this point, the Discovery Plus channel will be available in your list of channels. You can stop now and open Discovery Plus later or proceed to finish getting things set up.

  7. Select Go to channel.

    Go to channel selected on the Discovery+ page on Roku.
  8. Select Start 7-day Free Trial if you don’t have an account yet.

    Seven day trial option for Discovery Plus on Roku.

    If you already have an account, select Sign in and then provide your Discovery Plus login credentials.

  9. Select Discovery+ or Discovery+ (Ad-Free).

    Discovery+ plan options on Roku.
  10. Select Continue.

    Continue button in the Discovery Plus account creation on Roku.
  11. Enter your email address and a password, and select Agree and Continue.

    Agree and Continue button on Discovery+ account creation on Roku.
  12. Discovery Plus will launch on your Roku, and you’re ready to start watching.

    Discovery Plus on Roku.

How to Get Discovery Plus From the Roku Website

In addition to the above method, you can also obtain new Roku channels from the Roku Channel Store on the Roku website. This method helps someone else is using your Roku, or you’re away from your TV and want to have the channel waiting for you when you get back.

Here’s how to get Discovery Plus on your Roku using the website:

  1. Using the web browser of your choice, navigate to the Roku Channel Store.

    The Roku Channel Store website with Search channel highlighted.

    If you aren’t already signed into the Roku Channel Store site, sign in before you proceed.

  2. Type Discovery Plus into the search field, and press enter.

    Searching for discovery plus on the Roku channel store.

    If you see Discovery Plus on this screen, you can click Details and skip ahead to step four.

  3. Locate Discovery Plus in the results, and click Details.

    The Details button on the Roku Channel Store for Discovery Plus.
  4. Click Add channel.

    Add channel button on the Discovery Plus page on the Roku Channel store.
  5. When you see Discovery Plus has been successfully added to your Roku account, it means the channel has been added to your account. The next time you turn on your Roku, it will download and install and be available in your channels section.

Can You Get Discovery Plus on Your Roku?

The Discovery Plus app has great compatibility with Roku devices, but there are exceptions. If Discovery Plus isn’t working right, or it won’t install on your device, check Discovery’s list of compatible devices. If your device isn’t listed, contact Discovery or Roku for more information.

  • How do I cancel Discovery Plus on my Roku?

    To cancel Discovery Plus on a Roku, highlight the Discovery Plus app, press the star (*) button, and select Manage subscription > Cancel subscription. Or, go to your Roku account page, select Manage your subscriptions, and select Cancel next to Discovery Plus.

  • How do I turn off captions on Discovery Plus on my Roku?

    To turn off captions on Discovery Plus on a Roku, start watching a show, press the star (*) button on the remote, and select CC options. Or, from the Roku home screen, go to Settings > Accessibility.

  • Why is Discovery Plus not working on my Roku?

    If Discovery Plus isn't working, check your internet connection, clear the device cache, and reinstall the Discovery Plus app.

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