How to Get Dark Mode on Facebook

Rest your eyes with this handy accessibility feature

Dark mode on Facebook is a feature that flips the familiar white-and-blue color scheme to a sea of grays with white text. If you're one of the many people who finds that configuration to reduce eye strain, then Facebook's implementation of dark mode will come as a relief. It isn't available for everyone, but there is a workaround if you use a Chromium-based web browser like Chrome or Brave.

Who Can Use Dark Mode on Facebook?

Dark mode is available on the Facebook website, the main Facebook app, and also the lightweight Facebook Lite app. The issue is that it isn't available for everyone. If you follow the instructions below, and you don't see a toggle to turn on dark mode, then all you can do is wait for Facebook to enable the feature on your account.

How to Get Dark Mode on the Facebook Website

Dark mode is available on the Facebook website, but there's a chance that your account may not have the feature enabled yet. When the feature first becomes available, you should see a banner at the top of the window when you log in that asks if you want to try dark mode. Select yes, and dark mode will be enabled

In case you didn't notice the banner, or dark mode was turned off and you want it back on, here's how to enable dark mode on the Facebook website:

  1. Open the Facebook website and log in.

  2. Click the down arrow icon in the upper right corner of the window.

    A screenshot of Facebook.
  3. Click the Dark Mode toggle.

    A screenshot of Facebook's general menu.
  4. Dark mode will be enabled. To switch back, click the Dark Mode toggle again.

    A screenshot of Dark Mode on Facebook.

How to Force Facebook Dark Mode in Chrome

If you don't have access to dark mode in Facebook yet, you can force it in Chrome. This option also forces dark mode to switch on for other websites as well, so only use it if you're looking for the full dark mode experience on the internet.

This method works on Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers like Edge and Brave, and it works on any platform where you can use those browsers.

To force dark mode in Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome, or any Chromium-based browser, and navigate to chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark.

  2. Select Enabled from the pull-down menu.

    A screenshot of Chrome settings.
  3. Click Relaunch.

    A screenshot of Chrome settings.

    This will close and restart Chrome. If you are working on anything in another Chrome tab, save and close it before you click Relaunch.

  4. Facebook, and other sites, will be forcibly rendered in dark mode. Note that even though dark mode is toggled off, the site is still in dark mode.

    A screenshot of dark mode forced on Facebook.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook for Android

Like the Facebook website, dark mode isn't available for everyone on the Facebook Android app. However, the lightweight Facebook Lite app does have dark mode for everyone. If you don't see a toggle for dark mode in the regular app, download Facebook Lite and follow these instructions to enable dark mode:

If your account does have access to dark mode in the regular Facebook app, the following instructions will work for you as well.

  1. Launch the Facebook Lite app.

  2. Tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner.

  3. Scroll down and tap the dark mode icon.

  4. Facebook Lite is now in dark mode.

    Screenshots enabling Facebook's Dark Mode on Android.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook for iOS

The iOS Facebook app is in the same boat as the rest, with dark mode only available to some people. The initial implementation requires you to toggle it on and off manually just like the website and the Android app, although Apple has promised to have the app switch automatically depending on your system-wide dark mode settings.

If you don't have access yet, iOS has a smart invert feature that mimics dark mode to a degree. It isn't exactly the same, and it has some unwanted color results, but you may want to give it a try.

If dark mode it is available to you on the iOS Facebook app, here's how to enable it:

  1. Launch the Facebook app.

  2. Tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines).

  3. Scroll down to Settings & Privacy.

  4. Tap the Dark Mode button.

  5. Tap On.

  6. Dark mode will be enabled.