How to Get Credits on Audible

There are 5 easy ways to grab credits and keep listening

What to Know

  • Audible's free trial includes two free credits. Paid accounts get up to 12 free credits per year.
  • You can also get credits from Groupon and Swagbucks.
  • Audible offers a collection of free audiobooks, 2-for-1 deals, and frequent promotions.

This article outlines how to get Audible credits and free audiobooks from a variety of sources.

How to Get Credits and Free Audiobooks on Audible

Audible, Amazon's audiobook service, gives you access to select audiobooks for a monthly fee that you can listen to on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. To listen to an audiobook not included in the subscription, you need Audible credits.

There are various ways you can get credits on Audible. Most audiobooks, even some of the most popular, only require one credit.

  1. The easiest way to get credits on audible is to take advantage of the free 30-day trial. When you download the Audible app and sign up for the free trial, you get 2 credits added to your account for free if you're an Amazon Prime member, 1 if you are not. You're only charged for the basic Gold Monthly membership after the 30-day trial.

    Screenshot of the free Audible trial deal
  2. Once you are in a monthly Audible membership, you get 1 or 2 free credits every month, depending on which tier you choose. There are four options:

    • Audible Plus: Unlimited access to the Plus Catalog (no premium titles) for $7.95
    • Audible Premium Plus: Unlimited access to the Plus Catalog and 1 premium credit per month for $14.95.
    • Audible Premium Plus Monthly (2 Credits): Unlimited access to the Plus Catalog and 2 credits per month for $22.95
    • Audible Premium Plus Annual (12 Credits): Unlimited access to the Plus Catalog and 12 credits delivered immediately by paying $149.50 annually (20% discount)
    • Audible Premium Plus Annual (24 Credits): Unlimited access to the Plus Catalog and 24 credits delivered immediately by paying $229.50 annually (20% discount)
  3. Use special deals occasionally offered by Audible to get more for your credits. For example, there are new titles added often to the "2-For-1" collection. It's like getting a free credit every time you purchase a selection from this list.

    Screenshot of Audible 2-for-1 selection
  4. Occasionally, Audible will run special challenges for Audible members. Completing these challenges results in an award of either free additional Audible credits or Amazon cash credits. Either way, you can use the credits or Amazon cash to purchase additional audiobook titles.

    Screenshot of an Audible challenge
  5. Listen to free audiobooks by selecting Browse from the menu and selecting Originals Member Benefit. There, you'll find a collection of original audiobooks produced by Audible. These include a wide assortment of topics and genres, including self-help, memoirs, fictional stories, and much more. Enjoy as many Audible Originals as you like and without using any of your credits.

    Screenshot of Audible Originals selection
  6. Another great way to get either free or discounted audiobooks is by using gift or coupon websites to get promotional codes. Using the promotional codes means you can avoid using your Audible credits to purchase audiobooks. The authors of many audiobooks offer coupons to grow their readership. This means you get great stories to listen to without having to use your Audible credits.

    Screenshot of Audible promotional code page
  7. Listen to Audible audiobooks without credits. Like many other streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you can find a whole selection of free audiobooks on Audible's Free Listens page. Browse and listen to these without using your Audible credits. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can also access free Audible content on the Audio Shows page.

    Screenshot of free Audible audiobooks page
  8. Become an audiobook reviewer. If you join a site like Audiobook Boom, you can review audiobooks (including those on Audible) in exchange for a promotional code that gives you free access to download the audiobook. However, it isn't guaranteed that the audiobook you review will be an Audible audiobook. But if it is, you can download it for free.

    Screenshot of Audiobook Boom free audiobooks for reviews
  9. If you're a Groupon user, you can get free audiobook coupon codes for Audible there. Just search Groupon for "Audible," and you'll see all of the current offerings for discounted or free audiobooks.

    Screenshot of Groupon Audible coupons
  10. Take surveys on Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a site where you can earn points for answering surveys. In exchange for points, you can order gift cards, including Audible gift cards. This is another convenient way to save your Audible credits by using Swagbucks points to purchase audiobooks.

    Screenshot of Swagbucks main page
  11. Join a local library. Most libraries offer free subscriptions to services like Overdrive. Using Overdrive's Libby app, you get access to a large collection of free audiobooks. Access many audiobooks you'd have to pay for on Audible, for absolutely free. Conserve your Audible credits for only those books that aren't available for free on Overdrive.

    Screenshot of the Libby app
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