How to Get Alexa Celebrity Voices

Choose Melissa McCarthy or another star as your voice assistant

What to Know

  • Say, “Alexa, introduce me to celebrity name” and purchase the skill on your Echo. Alternatively, purchase the skill on Amazon's website.
  • Celebrity and character voices include Shaquille O’Neal, Samuel L. Jackson, Deadpool, and R2-D2.
  • To toggle explicit content, open the Alexa app and tap More > Settings > Voice Responses > Celebrity Personalities.

This article explains how to get celebrity voices for Alexa. Instructions apply to all second-generation Amazon Echo devices including the Echo Dot and Echo Show.

How Do You Add a Celebrity Voice to Alexa?

To add a celebrity voice, enable the appropriate Alexa skill on your Amazon Echo using voice commands.

Some skills are only available for certain Alexa devices in specific regions. Some celebrity voice skills are free, but most of them cost $4.99.

  1. Ask Alexa to introduce you to the celebrity you want. For example, say, “Alexa, introduce me to Melissa McCarthy.”

  2. Alexa will explain how the skill works. Say “Yes” to confirm the purchase.

    To activate the celebrity voice skill on your other connected Echo devices, say “Alexa, enable celebrity name.”

  3. For some skills, you will be asked to choose between the explicit and clean version, which censors profanity. Say “Explicit” or “Clean version.”

  4. Say the celebrity's name follow by your request. For example, say “Melissa, tell me a joke.”

How Do Celebrity Voices for Alexa Work?

Adding a celebrity voice skill doesn't change Alexa's default voice. Your celebrity assistant will respond to simple requests for things such as weather forecasts and setting a timer, but if you ask for something more complex, Alexa will take over.

Each voice will give unique responses to specific phrases. Sometimes, they will give different responses to the same request. For example, ask Samuel L. Jackson to roast you for some scathing comedy from the esteemed actor (just make sure kids aren't around to hear what he has to say).

How to Purchase Celebrity Voices From Amazon

If you want to see all of the available celebrity voices, search for skills on Amazon's website.

  1. Log in to your Amazon account and search for “Alexa celebrity voices.”

    Alexa celebrity voices in search bar
  2. Choose from the list of celebrity voice skills.

    Alexa celebrity voice on
  3. Select Buy now with 1-Click, then confirm if prompted.

    Check to make sure the skill is compatible with your device. Look for Works with one or more of your Alexa Devices.

    Buy now with 1-Click on Melissa McCarthy Alexa celebrity voice skill page
  4. Choose whether you want the explicit or clean version. You can change this later in the Alexa app.

  5. Say “Alexa, enable celebrity name” to activate the celebrity voice skill on your connected Echo devices.

How to Disable Explicit Content on Alexa

To toggle explicit content, you must use the Alexa app:

  1. Tap More, then tap Settings.

  2. Under Alexa Preferences, tap Voice Responses.

    More, Settings, and Voice Responses in Alexa app
  3. Tap Celebrity Personalities.

  4. Tap to switch next to the celebrity voice to toggle explicit content.

    Celebrity Personalities and Explicit content toggle in Alexa app

What Celebrity Voices Does Alexa Have?

Alexa celebrity voices include Melissa McCarthy, Shaquille O’Neal, Samuel L. Jackson, and Gordan Ramsay. Amazon frequently adds new skills, so keep an eye out for new celebrity voices for Alexa.

Does Alexa Have Any Other Voices?

There are also voice skills for fictional characters like Deadpool (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) and R2-D2 from Star Wars. Follow the instructions above to enable other voice skills. There are also more limited apps like Talk Like Snoop and Historical Voices.

  • How do I get Alexa to recognize my voice?

    Set up Alexa voice profiles in the Alexa app to teach Alexa to recognize specific voices. You can pair up to 10 voices with Alexa.

  • How do I change Alexa's voice to male?

    Say “Alexa, change your voice” to have Alexa switch to a masculine voice. Use the same command to switch back to the default. You can also change Alexa's language and accent.

  • How do I find my 4 digit voice code for Alexa?

    You can't view your four-digit Alexa PIN, but you can change it. In the Alexa app, go to More > Settings > Account Settings > Voice Purchasing > Purchase Controls > Edit voice code.

  • Who voices Alexa?

    Although not officially confirmed by Amazon, it has been reported that actress and singer Nina Rolle is the voice behind Alexa.

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