How to Get a Refund for iTunes or App Store Purchases

Want an iTunes refund? You need a good reason

What to Know

  • On a Mac, go to the iTunes Store and select Account > Account Information > Purchase History > See All.
  • Find the item you want to refund and select More > Report a Problem. Select I'd like to request a refund from the Choose Problem menu.
  • Enter the reason why you're requesting a refund in the Describe this problem box, then choose Submit.

When you buy a physical item that you don't want or isn't quite right, you can usually return it to the store and get your money back. When the purchase is a digital download from the iTunes Store or App Store, getting a refund is less common. iTunes and App Store refunds aren't guaranteed, but we show you how to request one.

Instructions in this article apply to Macs running macOS Sierra (10.12) and higher, as well as iOS devices running iOS 11 and up. Similar instructions apply for earlier versions of macOS and iOS; just find Account > Purchase History in the store you want a refund from.

How to Get an iTunes Refund on a Computer

If you buy something you already own, that doesn't work, or that you didn't mean to purchase, you may have a good case for getting an iTunes refund. In that situation, follow these steps on your computer to ask Apple for your money back:

  1. If you're running macOS Catalina (10.15) or higher, the process is slightly different. In that case, use the Apple Music app (iTunes has been discontinued). In that, select Music > Preferences, and check the box next to Show iTunes Store. Then click iTunes Store in the left sidebar. Skip to step 3.

  2. Open iTunes and click Store to go to the iTunes Store.

  3. Click Account. Then, sign in with your Apple ID and password when prompted.

    Account link in iTunes
  4. On the Account Information screen, go to the Purchase History section and click See All.

    See All button link in iTunes
  5. Scroll through your purchase history. Locate the item you want a refund for, then click More.

    More button link in iTunes Purchase History
  6. In the expanded listing, click Report a Problem.

    Report a problem button link in iTunes
  7. Depending on the version of iTunes you're using, this will either open your default web browser or continue in iTunes. Either way, the steps are the same.

    On the Report a Problem screen, click the Choose Problem drop-down menu and click I'd like to request a refund.

    I'd like to request a refund option in iTunes
  8. In the Describe this problem text box, enter the reason you're requesting the refund, then click Submit.

    Submit button at the Describe this problem field

You won’t get an immediate answer. In a few days, you'll receive either the refund, a request from iTunes Support for additional information, or a message denying the refund request.

How to Get an iTunes Refund on an iPhone or iPad

Whether you are requesting an iTunes Store or App Store refund on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you make the request in your Purchase History. On the iOS devices, the process is different from the one on the Mac. Here's what to do:

  1. On the iOS device, open Safari, then go to Sign in with your Apple ID.

  2. On the Report a Problem screen, tap the I'd like to drop-down menu and tap Request a Refund.

    Screenshot of iTunes refund request
  3. Tap Tell us more and tap the reason for the refund.

    Screenshot of iTunes refund request
  4. Tap Next.

  5. Review the items available for refund and tap the one you want to request the refund for.

    Screenshot of iTunes refund request
  6. Tap Submit.

All requests for iTunes Store or App Store refunds must be made within 90 days of the purchase date.

The more you request refunds, the less likely you are to get one. Everyone makes the occasional incorrect purchase, but if you regularly buy things from iTunes, then ask for your money back, Apple notices a pattern and begins to deny your refund requests.

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