Ways to Get a Free Domain Name

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If you're looking for a free internet domain name, you have a few possibilities. You may be able to get a free domain name through a web host in return for you hosting your website with them, or as a subdomain on one of the popular blogging network websites. If you strike out there, you can try earning a free domain by participating in a referral or affiliate program.

Check With Hosting Providers

The first place to look for free domain name registration is with web hosting providers. If you already have a web host for your website and are looking for additional free domain names, check with your provider first; they may have a special deal that includes a free domain name in exchange for further business from you.

If you don't have a web host yet, many hosting providers will pay for your domain registration if you purchase a hosting package with them. This will cost money for the web space and hosting features, but it will save you on the cost of initially acquiring your domain name.

Free domain name offers are generally for one year; domain name registrations are updated yearly with a yearly fee (though you can pay for more than one year at a time, usually for a discount, after that free first year).

Contact one or more of the established web hosts listed below. These companies usually provide free internet domains as part of hosting packages for new customers:

Subdomain as a Free Domain Name

A subdomain is a domain that is tacked on to the beginning of another domain. For example, instead of paying for yourdomain.com you would have yourdomain.hostingcompany.com.

Some free web hosting companies will give you a free subdomain.

If you're running a blog, then your domain name options open up even further, as there are many online blog services where you can customize the subdomain. Some good blog sites you can use include:

Example: Getting a Free Subdomain With Blogger

Starting a blog with Blogger is very easy — all that's necessary is a Google account. If you already have one, you can use that to set up your blogger account. If you don't, it's simple to set up a Google account.

First, select your Google account on Blogger.com. Next, you will be able to give your new blog a title, and then select the subdomain you would like to use, which will be yourdomain.blogspot.com.

Blogger setup and subdomain naming

You may not be able to get your first choice in subdomain on Blogger. There are many users, and if the subdomain is already claimed by another, you'll need to select a different one that has not already been taken.

Don't forget to check your internet service provider, because it may offer subdomain hosting along with your internet access package.

Earn a Free Domain Name With Service Referrals

Some companies offer a commission on domain names you sell, while others pay for your domain name registration after you refer a certain number of new customers. Either way, if you know people who want to buy domain names, you can cover the cost of your own domain, and maybe even make some extra money, using a referral program like ​DomainIt.