Geri Mileva




Sofia University

Technical University - Sofia


Consumer Technical

Mobile Devices and Accessories

Computers and Peripherals


  • Geri started writing for Lifewire in January 2019
  • Her writing has appeared on The Huffington Post, Ravishly, ThriveGlobal, AR Post, and more
  • She has worked as an IP network engineer and architect 


Geri started her career as an IP network engineer and architect before becoming a full-time tech writer and journalist with over ten years of experience under her belt. She has managed to amass a diverse portfolio, writing for multiple industries including finance, marketing, health, NGO, art, travel, lifestyle, fashion, and of course, technology. You can now find her work on The Huffington Post, Ravishly, ThriveGlobal, and AR Post. 


Geri graduated with a master’s in Computer Science from Sofia University and a bachelor’s in Telecommunications from Technical University - Sofia.

Lifewire work:

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