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GeneRally is a free car racing game for the PC. It is similar in look and feel to some classic games from the 1980s and 1990s such as the arcade game Super Sprint and the DOS game Slicks 'N" Slides. The game is played from the top-down perspective against with up to six cars racing at once. The game was released in 2002 having been originally developed by Finish developers Hannu and Jukka Rabina. Within a matter of weeks, mostly by good reviews and word of mouth the game's easy, fun and addicting game play caught on and it became a hit. The game was supported for a year or so after the release with the final release coming in 2003. The game remained untouched for the next eight years. In 2011 after this eight-year hiatus an new update, GeneRally v1.1 was released to the public. The game was again updated to version 1.2 and this remains the latest update available at the time of this writing. The development team, however, has not given up on GeneRally as work on GeneRally 2 has been underway.

GeneRally Download Links

GeneRally can be downloaded for free from any of the download links listed with more information regarding availability and development detailed below.

GeneRally Game Play and Features

In GeneRally, players control a single car from the top-down or bird's eye view perspective. From this overhead position, players are able to have a view of the entire race course and other cars on the track. The game supports both single player mode with the player racing against five AI-controlled cars or a local multiplayer capability that allows for up to six players to play from a single PC/game. It also supports various inputs so everyone doesn't have to crowd around the same keyboard in order to play.

GeneRally Includes 3 Different Game Modes

  • Trial mode: A practice or tutorial type mode where players can learn and hone their skills
  • Race mode: A single race that can be played against 5 other opponents
  • Championship mode: A season of racing across different tracks and is a kin to a career mode found in many modern racing games

Much like the game Super Sprint, GeneRally allows for cars to be upgraded from race to race in the championship model, but there is also wear and tear that occurs during racing as well that must be repaired. The damage system included tire wear and body damage and also includes a fuel consumption aspect which will require players to make pit stops during races.

GeneRally can also be customized and there is a fairly large community that has evolved over the years and provides third party content to be installed and added to the game. Tracks are fully customizable and there is an official track editor that lets aspiring developers and gamers build their own. This includes adding elements such as trees, buildings, racing surface and even the elevation to the race tracks. Drivers are also customizable and can have a custom skill level as well as ability to choose colors of their racing gear. The official GeneRally site offers a community page that has a number of links to community built content such as the Track of the Month, Car of the Month, World Rankings and much more. If anyone is interested in becoming more involved in the community, whether it be simply playing the game or developing new content the official page is a great place to find all the information you'll need.


After more than a dozen years in release GeneRally remains a freeware PC game that can be downloaded and played for free. There are a number of third party websites that offer the game for download but the best place to download any game is typically the official game website. Another great resource for the game is the Alternative GeneRally website which is a fan/community created website dedicated to the game with some additional info and content not available on the official site.


In addition to information about the original GeneRally, the official website also includes the latest information on the planned sequel, GeneRally 2. GeneRally 2 will feature updated graphics, models of real-life cars and tracks and much more. There was an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign for GeneRally 2, but despite this setback, many are optimistic that the game will still be released. The official website also includes a roadmap for the planned phases before the GeneRally 2 is released. For now, though, we still have the great original GeneRally (version 1.2) to play, master and grow.