GeForce Now Game Streaming Is More Powerful Than Ever With an RTX 3080 Membership

And six new games!

If you've streamed games with GeForce Now but wished for higher resolutions and frame rates, consider diving back in.

NVIDIA's video game streaming service, GeForce Now, has just gotten a significant performance boost—kind of. So long as you have a GeForce Now membership, you'll be able to adjust your stream settings for even faster and smoother gameplay. The catch is that to get the best performance, you'll need the highest tier membership, the RTX 3080 level.

GeForce Now displayed on multiple devices


But if you have the appropriate GeForce Now account and high-speed internet connection—you can give your streamed games a real metaphorical shot in the arm. New setting options let you adjust your stream settings for 1440p resolution and up to 120 frames per second. This applies to the quality of the stream itself and not the individual games, so you only have to change the settings once for it to apply to everything you play.

Along with the new performance, options come six more games added to GeForce Now's library. Century: Age of Ashes is a free multiplayer game where you fight while other players ride dragons. There's also the medieval settlement simulator, Clanfolk, and the monster-battler Coromon. If chaotic cooperative action is more your style, you can check out HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed. Or take a look at Phoenix Point: Complete Edition if you're in the mood for something that involves a more strategic approach to combat. But if you're looking for an action RPG, you'll want to try Thymesia.

Enabling 1440p resolution and 120fps in GeForce Now settings


Extra options are also available now, so long as you're playing on a PC through either a Chrome or Edge web browser. You can find them in your GeForce Now streaming quality settings under Custom.

Correction 8/22/2022: Updated the title and paragraphs 2, 3, and 5 to reflect a more accurate description of Nvidia's Cloud Gaming service.

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