GeForce Now Expands With 7 New Games Covering Just as Many Genres

Retro shooters, pirate rat adventures, and more

GeForce Now's ever-expanding game streaming library receives seven new games today—several of which are brand-new releases.

As with most game streaming services, GeForce Now continues adding to its selection of playable titles, with today's releases covering a wide variety of genres. So whether you're interested in watching a complicated story between friends play out, classic first-person shooting, or demolishing buildings, your bases are covered.

Screenshot from TerraScape

Bitfall Studios

In Road 96: Mile 0, you swap between teenage protagonists exploring a well-to-do condominium (and their friendship) in a sort of companion story to the original Road 96. Meet Your Maker offers a vastly different experience by way of a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter where you'll build strongholds for yourself while also attacking other players' structures.

But if you're more interested in using a deck of cards to plan and build cities, you'll probably want to check out TerraScape instead. Or you could tear everything in the world apart in physics-based mayhem with Teardown if you prefer.

GeForce Now new game releases


There's also the Metroid-like Curse of the Sea Rats, which lets you explore a somewhat fantastical world (fight bosses, unlock new abilities, etc.) as a British sailor-turned literal rat, and also Ravenswatch, offering a solo or cooperative fantasy-themed action game with randomly-generated maps and a number of playable classes to try. And if none of that tickles your fancy, retro-inspired first-person shooter, Supplice is an homage to the chaotic and cartoonish genre that pretty much encapsulated the 90s.

Road 96: Mile 0, Meet Your Maker, Teardown, and TerraScape aren't new releases, strictly speaking, but they're available now on GeForce Now. Curse of the Sea Rats, Ravenswatch, and Supplice all released today on both Steam and GeForce Now as well.

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