Geek Uninstaller v1.5.1.162

A Full Review of Geek Uninstaller, a Free Software Uninstaller

Geek Uninstaller is a portable and completely free software uninstaller program that's really small in size but still manages to pack in some nice features.

Corrupt software or programs that aren't uninstalling properly can be forcibly removed with Geek Uninstaller, which is more than what the standard uninstall utility in Windows is able to do.

Geek Uninstaller v1.3.4.51 in Windows 10
What We Like
  • Extremely easy to use.

  • Doesn't require installation (portable).

  • Simple user interface.

  • Able to search through the list of software.

  • Can export the program list to a file.

  • Can remove corrupted programs by force.

  • Supports uninstalling Windows Store apps.

  • Updates often with new versions.

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn't create a restore point before a program is removed.

  • Some features only work in the professional version.

This review is of Geek Uninstaller version, released on October 10, 2022. Please let us know if there's a newer version we need to review.

More About Geek Uninstaller

Geek Uninstaller is both portable and supports almost all the features anyone would expect from an uninstaller tool:

  • Can uninstall programs in Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7
  • Switch between uninstalling desktop apps and Windows Store apps through the View menu
  • A very organized HTML file can be created that contains a list of all the installed programs
  • Geek Uninstaller lists each program's name, the date on which they were installed, and how much disk space they're occupying
  • If you right-click any program from the list, you can view it in the Registry Editor, open its installation folder, and search the internet for more information on the program
  • A program entry can be removed from the list of software if it's no longer installed but is still being shown as if it were
  • The total disk space used by all the installed programs is shown at the bottom of the program
  • Geek Uninstaller can forcibly remove a program if the regular uninstaller method doesn't work, which will scan the file system and registry for everything associated with the program and then let you remove them

Thoughts on Geek Uninstaller

Geek Uninstaller is perfect for flash drives because it's a single file that takes up very little space. This means you can carry with you to always have a solid program that can remove even the most stubborn software.

We really like the export feature because the HTML file that's generated looks very nice. It's formatted in an easy to read layout and includes everything you see in the program—the name, size, install date, and total space used by all the programs. It also shows the computer name and date the file was generated, which is real nice to avoid confusion if you're doing this on multiple computers.

Something we don't like is that some features like batch uninstalls (selecting multiple programs at once and attempting to remove them) won't work in the free version. This means if you try to use it, you'll be prompted to upgrade to the professional version.

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