GE Camera Error Messages

Learn to Troubleshoot GE Point and Shoot Cameras

Fixing GE camera error messages

If your GE digital camera isn't working properly, take note of any GE camera error messages displayed on the LCD. Such messages can give you significant clues as to the problem. Use these eight tips to solve your GE camera error messages.

  1. Camera Recording, Please Wait error message. When you see this error message, it simply indicates the digital camera is recording a photo file to the memory card, and the camera cannot shoot additional photos until the recording phase is finished. Just wait a few seconds and try shooting the photo again; the camera should be finished recording by then. If you see this error message several seconds after shooting a photo, you may have a problem with the camera being locked up, requiring a reset. Remove the battery and memory card from the camera for at least 10 minutes before trying again.
  2. Cannot Record Movie error message. Most of the time, this error message indicates a full or malfunctioning memory card. Keep in mind that movies require a lot of memory card storage space, and it's possible to have a movie file that's too large to store on the card, causing this error message. Additionally, you may see this error message when the card itself is malfunctioning or is locked from write protection. Check the lock switch on the memory card.
  1. Card Error error message. With a GE camera, this error message likely indicates a memory card that isn't compatible with GE cameras. GE recommends using SD memory cards from Panasonic, SanDisk, or Toshiba with its cameras. When using a different brand of SD memory card, you may be able to fix this error message by upgrading the firmware for your GE digital camera by visiting the General Imaging Web site.
  2. Card Is Not Formatted error message. This GE camera error message refers to a memory card that the camera cannot read. It's possible the memory card was formatted by a different camera, leaving the GE camera unable to read the file storage format used on the memory card. You can fix this problem by formatting the memory card with the GE camera, allowing the GE camera to create its own file storage format on the card. However, formatting the card will cause all photos stored on it to be erased. Make sure you've copied all of the photos to your computer before formatting the card.
  3. No Connection error message. When trying to connect your GE camera to a printer, you may see this error message when the connection has failed. Make sure your model of GE camera is compatible with the printer you're using. It's also possible that your camera needs a firmware upgrade to achieve compatibility with the printer. You can try setting the camera USB mode to "printer."
  1. Out of the Range error message. GE cameras display this error message when an error has occurred as the camera shoots in panoramic mode. If the movement of the camera between photos was too far beyond the range of the camera's software to stitch together a panoramic photo, you'll see this error message. Just try the panoramic photo again, taking more care to line up the images to be used in the panoramic photo before shooting them.
  2. System Error error message. This error message indicates a problem with the camera, but the camera's software cannot pinpoint the problem. If the camera locks up when displaying this error message, try resetting the camera by removing the battery and memory card for 10 minutes. If this error message continues to display after resetting the camera, preventing you from using the camera, try upgrading the firmware. Otherwise, you may need to send the camera to a repair center.
  3. This File Cannot Be Played Back error message. When you are trying to display a photo file from your memory card that your GE camera cannot recognize, you'll see this error message. The photo file may have been shot with another camera, and the GE camera cannot display it. Just download the file to your computer, and it should be OK for viewing. However, if the photo file is corrupted, you won't be able to display it with either the camera or the computer.
  1. Not Enough Battery Power error message. In a GE camera, a minimum level of battery power is required for performing certain camera functions. This error message indicates the battery is too drained to perform the function you've selected, although the camera still may have sufficient battery power to shoot several more photos. You'll have to wait to perform the function you've selected until you can recharge the battery.

Keep in mind that different models of GE cameras may provide a different set of error messages than is shown here. If you are seeing GE camera error messages that aren't listed here, check with your GE camera user guide for a list of other error messages specific to your model of camera, or visit the Support area of the General Imaging Web site.

Good luck solving your GE point and shoot camera error message problems!