Review of Gazelle, a Used iPhone & iPod Buyer/Reseller

gazelle used electronics website screenshot

While my experience with Gazelle wasn't absolutely perfect, it was pretty close. It's hard to argue with getting more than you'd expected.


  • Fair prices
  • Sometimes pays more than expected
  • Fairly simple selling process


  • Mismatched packaging


  • Used iPhone & iPod buyer
  • Seller of used iPhones & iPods
  • Buyer of other used electronics

Gazelle, formerly SecondRotation, is unique among the companies I've sold my used iPhones and iPods to. After I'd sent them my iPods, they judged them to be in even better shape than I'd promised and paid me more than they said they would. That's a nice surprise.

Selling Your Used Electronics to Gazelle

To sell your used iPhone or iPod to Gazelle, you visit their site, select the model you want to sell, and answer a few questions about its condition. Based on that, the site offers an estimated purchase price. If the price is acceptable to you, agree to it and Gazelle will ship a box and pre-paid shipping label to you. You then return the device to them in that box.

This step was where I encountered my only problem with Gazelle. Though I was selling them two iPods—a second-generation touch and an iPod video—they only sent a box big enough for one iPod. I contacted customer support, who told me to use whatever box I wanted and that their shipping label would cover the postage. This was a little bit annoying, as it made the process slightly less smooth and required me to buy a box, but it wasn't a major issue.

Once Gazelle has your device, it assesses its condition and emails you a purchase offer. This was the stage where I got my good news—they wanted to pay $5 or $10 (I can't remember which) more than they'd estimated. Not a tremendously large difference, but in the sometimes cutthroat world of used electronics resale, any time you get more than you expected from a company, it's worth mentioning.  

When they've gotten the final purchase price offer from Gazelle, sellers can either accept or reject the offer.

If the offer is rejected, Gazelle returns the device. If it is accepted, Gazelle provides payment by check, PayPal, or Amazon gift card based on the seller's preference.

The Bottom Line

Gazelle is one of the leaders in the used iPhone buying and selling market, and it's not hard to see why. Its site is simple to use, the process fairly smooth and fast, and the prices fair. Gazelle won't always be the best choice when you're looking to sell a used device, but I recommend that you always check with Gazelle to see its price before you sell anywhere else.