Review: A Good Choice for Used iPhones

My experience with Gazelle wasn't perfect, but it was pretty great. Gazelle is one of the best places to sell your used electronics online.


  • A safe place to sell used iPhones and other electronics
  • Fair prices
  • Simple selling process


  • Mismatched packaging
  • Address verification problem


  • Buyer of used iPhones, iPods, iPads, and other electronics
  • Seller of used iPhones and other electronics
gazelle is unique among the companies I've sold my used iPhones and iPods to. While I've used them a number of times and have been happy with the results, in one case they went above and beyond my expectations. After I sent in some used iPods, Gazelle said they were in even better shape than I'd promised and paid me more than they quoted. That's a nice surprise.

Gazelle is far from the only company that will buy your used iPhone or iPad. Check out our full list of options to find your best price at Where to Sell Your Used iPhone or iPod.

A Safe Option For Selling Your Used iPhone or iPad

Selling your used iPhone, iPod, iPad or other electronic device to Gazelle is simple. Just visit their site, select the type of product you have to sell — they buy smartphones, tablets, and Mac laptops and desktops — and then select the model. Once you've done this, Gazelle asks a few questions about the condition of the device — does it turn on, is the screen cracked, etc. — and, based on that information, offers an estimated purchase price.

If you want to sell your device to Gazelle for that price, you simply choose how you want to get paid (check, PayPal, Amazon) and how to ship the device to Gazelle. All shipping options are pre-paid by Gazelle. The differences are shipping carrier and whether you want to pack the device yourself or wait for Gazelle to send you a box.

In most cases, you should be able to go from visiting the site to a completed sale in 5 minutes or less. It's that simple.

But, the process isn't totally without problems. I've sold a number of devices to Gazelle over the years and have run into a few minor hiccups.

In addition to buying used electronics, Gazelle also sells them on its site. We don't have experience with that part of the business, so this review is focused on selling to Gazelle.

Two Tricky Transactions

Once, I was selling Gazelle two iPods—a second-generation touch and an iPod video—but they only sent a box big enough for one iPod. I contacted customer support, who told me to use whatever box I wanted and that their shipping label would cover the postage. This was a little bit annoying, as it made the process slightly less smooth and required me to buy a box, but it wasn't a major issue.

Another time, I completed the transaction only get to an email a little while later saying that their system couldn't validate my address and thus the transaction was on hold. I had to call Gazelle and was able to resolve the issue after talking to two customer service reps (my rural address can cause a problem in some systems). Again, not a big deal; more like a minor annoyance.

Cashing Out

Once Gazelle has your device, it assesses its condition and either confirms the original estimate or contacts you with a new one. When I sold my iPods to them, this where I got some good news: Gazelle wanted to pay $5 or $10 more than they'd estimated. Not a tremendously large difference, but in the sometimes cutthroat world of used electronics resale, any time you get more than you expected from a company, it's worth mentioning. 

If Gazelle inspects your device and decides it's worth less than expected, you can either accept the lower price or have Gazelle return the device to you.

The Bottom Line

Gazelle is one of the leaders in the used iPhone buying and selling market, and it's not hard to see why. Its site is simple to use, the process fairly smooth and fast, and the prices fair. Gazelle won't always be the best choice when you're looking to sell a used device, but I recommend that you always check with Gazelle to see its price before you sell anywhere else.