Gary Newell

Gary Newell has been writing about Linux for 5 years and has many years experience using both Linux and UNIX systems.


Gary has over 20 years computing experience and has developed software for a number of different operating systems including Windows, Unix and Linux.

After leaving college in 1995, Gary joined IBM where he developed Unit Trust and Dealing Systems for Mainframes and Unix platforms.

In 1998, Gary joined Systems Union as a software developer where he spent 8 years writing Accountancy Software for Windows and Unix.

Gary first started using Linux at the start of the century after installing Mandrake onto an old desktop computer. In 2006 he made the full switch to Linux at home replacing Windows Vista with openSUSE.

As a self-confessed "distrohopper", Gary has tried out over 30 different flavours of Linux,

In 2012, Gary started the blog "Everyday Linux User". He has used this as a platform for releasing reviews of all the top Linux distributions and tutorials of the more commonly required tasks.

Gary has written guest articles for a number of leading Linux blogs and has appeared as a guest on the "Everyday Linux Podcast".


Gary attended "Farnborough College of Technology" where he completed courses in "Computing and European Business". After college, Gary has attended training courses and received certification for Unix foundation and shell scripting, SQL Server database administration, SQL server development, Oracle PL/SQL development and C++.

Gary uses Linux on a daily basis and keeps up to date with all the latest desktop Linux news.

Gary Newell

My intention is to drag the Linux site kicking and screaming into the current decade. All site content will be brought up to date and new and relevant content will be added continuously.

The Linux site will contain everything a new user needs to get to grips with Linux and more advanced tutorials for those who require them.

My main goal is to provide you as the reader with up to date, accurate and relevant information.

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