Gary Newell


Aberdeenshire, U.K.


Famborough College of Technology


Linux and Unix

Accounting Software


SQL Server


  • Linux and UNIX expert.
  • Relational database developer.
  • SQL server administrator.
  • Accounting software writer.


Gary Newell is a former Lifewire writer. He wrote primarily on Linux and UNIX operating systems. Newell has more than 20 years of computing experience and has developed software for operating systems including Windows, Unix, and Linux. After leaving college in 1995, Newell joined IBM where he developed Unit Trust and Dealing Systems for mainframes and Unix platforms.

In 1998, Newell joined Systems Union as a software developer where he spent eight years writing accounting software for Windows and Unix before he discovered Linux.

As a self-confessed distro-hopper, Newell has worked with more than 30 different flavors of Linux. In 2012, Newell started the blog "Everyday Linux User." Newell has written guest articles for a number of leading Linux blogs and has appeared as a guest on the "Everyday Linux Podcast."

Newell uses Linux on a daily basis and keeps up to date with all the latest desktop Linux news.


Newell attended Farnborough College of Technology in Aberdeenshire, U.K., where he completed courses in computing and European business and earned his bachelor's degree in technology. After college, Newell attended training courses and received certification for Unix foundation and shell scripting, SQL Server database administration, SQL server development, Oracle PL/SQL development, and C++.

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