Garmin's Vivosmart 5 Adds a Bigger Screen and Smartphone Support

Addressing some of the design problems of its predecessor

Electronics company Garmin has launched its latest fitness tracker, the vivosmart 5, which now has interchangeable bands and a larger display.

In addition to the design changes, the vivosmart 5 has a longer battery life that lasts an entire week and new smartwatch features its predecessor didn't have. It still tracks many of the same fitness metrics, including calories burned and sleep habits, plus features built-in sports apps.

Vivosmart 5


The vivosmart 4 was criticized for having a very small display that was difficult to read at a distance and the inability to remove the tracker, so you couldn't customize it. To rectify this, the new device has a 66 percent larger screen that's easier to read and new wristbands in four different colors: White, Black, and Cool Mint green.

Also new on the vivosmart 5 is support for Android and iOS phones. Paired with a phone, you can use the vivosmart to read texts, calendar notifications, and a personalized Morning Report with information on the weather, Sleep Score, and more.

For the vivosmart 5, there's a focus on providing information on sleep habits. Using Garmin's Sleep Score, the device will tell you the quality and quantity of the previous night's rest based on how often you moved and your body's stress levels.

Vivosmart 5 on arm


If you want to track a specific type of workout, there are sports apps for various activities like cycling and yoga. It's also waterproof so you can swim while wearing it with no problems.

Garmin has the vivosmart 5 available for purchase on its website for $149.99.

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