Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Tips And Tricks

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We expressed our undying love for Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare in a previous article and now we're back for more with some tips and tricks to help you enjoy the game. Now that it's out on PS3 and PS4, along with the already released X360 and XONE versions, everyone can have a blast with Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Tips for Plants

As a cactus, place potato mines on the zombie summoning mounds. The gold glow the zombie players see covers up your mines, so they'll run right into your mine and get blown up. This works about 95% of the time - at least until zombie players wise up and start checking first. And even then, it still works more often than not.

As a sunflower in Gardens & Graveyards mode, your best place to be is right in the garden. It is tempting to go root somewhere and use the sunbeam attack, but your role is to be a healer. Drop your healing flower. Heal your teammates. Revive them ASAP when they die. If you always stay in the garden and keep everyone alive, the zombies can't possibly take it over. 

Likewise, chompers should stay in the garden or close by. Make the zombies think twice about invading your garden by gobbling them up from underneath.

Not all character variants are equal. Some variants have a definite advantage over others. Some characters have more ammo or different shot types and damage amounts, so try to unlock characters ASAP to find the right ones that fit your play style. 

Learn the Maps. Just about every section of every map has chokepoints that the plants can take advantage of that are easier to defend than other areas of the map, such as the Castle on Driftwood Shores (cover the stairs on the left side with a cactus and peashooter, and no zombie will ever get through) or the Apartments on the Main Street map (keep the zombies from building the teleporters). Also, learn where the teleporters are on every map. If you can keep knocking them down, the zombies will have a much tougher time.

Tips for Zombies

Engineers can earn the most coins of any character in the game. If you want fast coins, play engineer. Between earning coins every time a teammate uses your teleporter, you can also get lots of easy kills with drone strikes. When playing engineer, don't just rush to the garden. Find a spot at a distance with a view of the garden and just lob shots into it. You'll destroy spikeweeds and potato mines, and likely kill more than a few plant players as well (and you'll really annoy them, too). Also, use the sonic mines when you unlock them rather than sonic grenades. Sonic mines are a chomper's worst enemy and will absolutely save your life far more often than the grenades.

All-Stars can be very helpful by carefully placing their tackling dummies. You can wall yourself into a corner of a garden and the plants won't be able to hit you, for example. You can also block off sightlines so plant players won't have easy shots on your teammates. Just don't be a jerk and put them right in everyone's way. All-Stars' other abilities - the sprint tackle and imp punt - are very, very useful as well. You can easily clear out plants from a garden with careful use of these abilities. Save them for when you really need them. Also, since All-Stars have the most health of any character in the game, don't be afraid to rush headlong into danger. That's your job.

Scientists are healers. Period. They have little health and don't do much damage. Don't rush to the garden unless your team is desperate. One thing you can do, though, is attaching your sticky explody ball grenades to your teammates - they'll blow up enemy plants, but your teammate will be fine.

Foot soldiers should keep their eyes on the skies. Clear peashooters off of rooftops and, more importantly, take down enemy garlic drones as fast as possible. You can also use your rocket jump to get into good vantage points to harass the plants as well. 

Learn the Maps - Almost every garden in the game has some sort of overlook or other position where zombies can lob shots into it. Learn where these are and take advantage of them. 

Constantly Adjust - Most importantly for zombies is that you have to adjust your tactics as the game goes on. If the plants aggressively defend the teleporter, ignore the teleporter and go the other way. Also, a great tactic is to overload the plants with garbage mobs you summon. The cone head, bucket head, and screen door zombies work great for this, but the outhouse, barrel, and coffin zombies are walking tanks that can (and will) overwhelm the plants and take over a garden very quickly. It kinda sucks that you have to buy card packs to get the zombie summons (or plant pots), but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Tips for All Players

Don't spend real money on coins for card packs. You can earn plenty of coins just by playing normally. Be patient.

Use Coins Wisely - Don't waste your coins. The 5k, 10k, and the more expensive packs unlock characters and abilities and customization items along with some consumables. Unlock as much as you can at first so you can find the characters and ability combos that you like ASAP, and then fill out your consumables with 1k packs. 

Skip Challenges - Don't be afraid to use the skip challenge stars. Some challenges like getting the most revive, taunting after kills, or getting the most kills are just really hard for some characters. Skip the hard ones and do the easier ones legit. 

Don't Be Selfish - The most important thing is to not worry about adding one kill (unless you're playing Orb Confirmed or Team Vanquish). Don't chase an enemy player around just to get one more kill. While you're wandering around selfishly, the enemy team is taking over your garden and you're going to lose. Congrats on your one kill, genius. 

Get Your Butt Into The Garden! - Also, for the love of Glob, when the clock is ticking down in Gardens & Graveyards, get your butt into the garden. Far too many games are won or lost because plant players are too stubborn or dumb to just go protect the garden or zombie players get caught up in a bottleneck and can't get there. When it comes down to it, just run past enemies and get your butt to the garden. Better to die trying than lose because everyone was too stupid to go to the garden, right?

Teamwork - Work together with your teammates. It makes sense, but far too many people don't do it. A good sunflower player healing everyone can make a huge difference for a plant team, just like a skilled engineer (with an All-Star or Foot Soldier for backup) can dramatically impact the zombies' chances of success. Two chompers together, where one acts as bait while the other gobbles zombies up from underneath, can be extremely effective as well. Two players working together in any combination are much harder to kill than one player running around alone. 

Drones - For cactus and engineer players with drones - Our preferred tactic is to drop the bombs and then go hide somewhere until we can drop bombs again. You can totally decimate an enemy team this way and kill them in bunches. Don't bother chasing players around to shoot them with the normal shots, though. While you're wasting time annoying someone (and really, you're just being annoying because you aren't going to kill them) your time and energy and fuel would be better spent dropping bombs somewhere else. 

Keep It Light And Fun - Part of the reason folks like PVZ Garden Warfare is because it is easygoing and fun and not all serious like CoD, Halo, Battlefield, or Gears of War. Don't treat the game too seriously and just have fun with it. That will make it better for everyone.

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