Gaming With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Get to gaming on your Galaxy Note

Playing Fortnite on a Galaxy Note 9.


The Samsung Note 9 is more than a regular smartphone. It can do everything a standard smartphone can do, plus it offers awesome display, battery, and storage features that make it one of the best smartphones for playing games.

When the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was released, there were two main improvements users looked forward to. First was the addition of a powered, Bluetooth S Pen that enabled remote functionality for things like taking pictures and operating PowerPoint presentations. The second most anticipated feature was the dramatic improvement in gaming features to boost its status as a gaming smartphone.

Gaming on a mobile device hasn’t always been the most user-friendly experience, but changes to the Galaxy Note 9 mean a whole new era in mobile gaming is on the rise. Samsung’s partnership with Epic Games, makers of Fortnite, is evidence of that, as Fortnite was released for Android exclusively on the Galaxy Note 9 for the first few days after the phone's release. That’s probably the best vote of confidence for the gaming capabilities of the Note 9 that Samsung could've hoped for.

Galaxy Note Improves Where It Matters for Gaming

The list of specs for the Galaxy Note 9 has been described by some in the mobile industry as "an embarrassment of riches." The Note 9 released with the largest HD screen on the mobile phone market: a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED, WQHD+ (Wide Quad High Definition). The WQHD+ resolution of 2960X1440 results in the sharpest, most vivid display of any mobile device, even during gaming.

The Lobby of Fortnite for a brand new character illustrating the sharp graphic capability of the Samsung Note 9.
Fortnite on the Galaxy Note 9.  Samsung

Add to that a 4,000mAh battery, the Snapdragon 845 processor with water carbon cooling, and a maximum of 512GB of internal storage that can be expanded to 1TB with a micro-SD card, and what you have is a setup fit to handle even the most demanding games.

However, one improvement that’s lacking is the screen refresh rate. The standard 60 Hz is serviceable, and graphics-hogging games like Fortnite still appear fairly smooth with little to no noticeable image degradation, but an increase to a 90 Hz refresh rate would have topped off the capabilities of the Galaxy Note 8 nicely to provide a completely unprecedented gaming experience.

Top Android Games You Should Play on the Galaxy Note 9

As a top of the line gaming smartphone, the Note 9 proves its mettle as soon as you install and begin playing Fortnite.

Fortnite isn't available on the Play Store. You'll have to go directly to the Epic Games website to download it.

Once you get past the considerable amount of time it takes to install the game, you may notice playing the game is far more engrossing than previously thought possible on a smartphone screen. It’s easy to slip into a 45-minute or longer gaming session without even realizing the time has passed.

Screenshot from Shadowngun Legends for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 illustrating the clarity of the graphics.
Shadowgun Legends, a first person shooter on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.  Samsung

The Note 9 handles much better than expected when it comes to controlling player movements, handling weapons, and navigating fictional worlds, so games like Eternium and Hearthstone are crisp, clear, and visually impressive while you play. Of course, all that processing power isn’t limited to MMPGs and first-person shooters; strategy and puzzle games are just as beautiful.

Here’s a quick list of some of the games you might want to check out. They're not all exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but they offer an experience on the Note 9 like no other.

A Screenshot of the Eternium RPG for Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
Eternium, an RPG, on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.  Lifewire
  • Shadowgun Legends: If you like Halo, you’ll probably enjoy Shadowgun Legends. This science fiction alien invasion game displays beautifully on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and once you get the hang of the game, you’ll find you can immerse yourself in it for long periods of time. And the water carbon cooling system keeps the Note 9 from overheating, no matter how long you play.
  • Eternium: If classic RPGs are more your style, Eternium is a must-play. This nod to the classic Diablo RPG has stunning graphics, is easy to learn, and will keep you busy for hours.
  • Hearthstone: For fans of Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone is a good choice for those who love card games. Created by Blizzard Entertainment, this game challenges the intellect as users build decks and battle enemies.
  • Jewel Hunter and Zumba: If puzzle games like Jewel Hunter or Zumba are more your style, the Galaxy Note 9 has more than enough power and storage to ensure you can have enough games installed to keep you from getting bored with each one.
  • Fruit Ninja: While Fruit Ninja may seem like a juvenile game, you might be surprised at how much fun you’ll have playing it. The best part is you can you use the Note 9 S Pen to play the game and up your strategy level while you’re at it.

Galaxy Note 9: The Productivity Powerhouse that Plays Well

Face it: Most people upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 because it runs circles around the competition when it comes to productivity. But everyone needs a break now and then, so why shouldn’t your powerhouse smartphone also be a great source of entertainment? The gaming capabilities of the Galaxy Note 9 have laid the groundwork for a whole new mobile gaming landscape. Enjoy it.

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