How to Gameshare With Friends on Xbox Series X or S

Save money by sharing games with people you trust

What to Know

  • You can share all of your digitally purchased games by switching the console that's designated as your home Xbox.
  • Your subscriptions, like Game Pass Ultimate, are also shared.
  • You can only switch home consoles five times per year.

This article explains how to share games when using an Xbox Series X or S console.

How to Gameshare on Xbox Series X or S

To game share on an Xbox Series X and S, you need access to your friend’s console or trust them with your login information, and vice versa. If you have previously used game sharing with Xbox One, you'll need to make adjustments to continue sharing with the new consoles.

  1. Sign in to your friend’s Xbox Series X or S.

  2. Press the Xbox button to open the Guide, and navigate to Profile & system > Settings.

    The Xbox Series X|S Guide.
  3. Select General > Personalization.

    A screenshot of general options on Xbox Series X|S.
  4. Select My home Xbox.

    General personalization options on Xbox Series X|S.
  5. Select Make this my home Xbox.

    A screenshot of the my home Xbox menu on Xbox Series X|S.
  6. Optional: Log out of your friend's console.

  7. Optional: Repeat this process on your Xbox with your friend’s account so that you get access to their games.

At this point, all of your digital purchases will be available to every user on your friend’s Xbox, and all of their purchases will be available on your Xbox if they opted to share with you. Your games will still be available on your console as well, but you will have to be logged into your account to access them. Similarly, your friend will have to be logged into his Xbox to access his own games.

How Does Gamesharing Work on Xbox Series X or S?

Gamesharing works based on the way that Xbox consoles handle digital purchases. When you purchase and download a game to your console, other users of that console are also able to play that game even if they aren’t logged into your account. This is possible because every Xbox user is able to set one Xbox as their home console, where downloaded games are available to everyone who has access to that console.

In addition to being able to access games that you have purchased on your home console, you can also download and play them on any other Xbox by signing into your account. When you do that, only you are able to play those games: other users of the Xbox will receive an error message if they try to play.

Gamesharing takes advantage of this by having you set your friend’s Xbox Series X or S as your home console. You can then log out of that console, allowing them to sign into their own account, then download and play any game you have purchased. You then sign back into your own Xbox, which is no longer your home console. Since you’re logged in, you can download and play your games there.

How Does Gamesharing Work With Xbox Series X or S and the Xbox One Family of Consoles?

Gamesharing works exactly the same way on Xbox Series X or S as it did on the Xbox One family of consoles. In fact, all of these consoles exist in a single ecosystem, and you can only have a single home console among all of them. That means if you used to share games with a friend by setting their Xbox One as your home console, they will lose access if you later set your own Xbox Series X or S as your home console.

If you want to continue sharing games as you upgrade to an Xbox Series X or S, you and your friend will have to come to a new agreement. Since you can each only have one home console, you can opt to either share games to an Xbox One or Xbox Series X or S, but not both.

What Content Is Shared With Xbox Gameshare?

When you set a friend’s console as your home Xbox, they get access to all of your digitally purchased games, including Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X or S games. They also get access to your Game Pass Ultimate subscription if you have one. That means they’ll be able to play online and also download Game Pass games to their console even if they don’t have their own subscription.

Are There Any Limitations to Gameshare?

There are very few limitations to Xbox gamesharing. Your friend will be able to play all of your games, and you can still make purchases and play your own games on any console you’re logged into. When you make any such purchases, your friend immediately gains access to those games on their console, since it’s set as your home Xbox.

The main limitation to gamesharing is that you can only switch your home console five times per year. That means you can’t just freely switch between friends and family members to share with, as you’ll quickly run out of your allotted switches, and you’ll be stuck with one home console for an entire year. That’s why it’s so important to choose carefully when setting up gameshare, and only share with people you really trust.

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