Games That Should Be Included in Nintendo’s Expansion Pack

Here are some N64 and Genesis games I really want to see

Key Takeaways

  • Both the N64 and Genesis libraries already promise some solid titles, but they could always use more.
  • There are so many great games missing from the current Genesis lineup it’s impossible to list them all.
  • A lot of beloved N64 games are also absent from the current list, but are likely to show up later because Nintendo owns them.
Nintendo Switch Online's new N64 membership plan


The new Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack adds two new console libraries to the mix, but there are still a lot more games I hope we see in the future.

So long as the Expansion Pack doesn’t add an absurd amount to my yearly Nintendo Switch Online costs, I’ll absolutely be upgrading my plan. Being able to play Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games on the Switch is just too good to pass up, although, admittedly, a lot of Genesis games have been made available digitally on other platforms.

I love me some classic video games and look forward to jumping back into Mario 64, trying Sin and Punishment, and revisiting Sonic the Hedgehog 2. That being said, Nintendo mentioned adding more games to both of these libraries in the future, and there are a few games I, personally, really hope make the cut at some point.

Worth noting: this list is based on the games I fondly remember playing, and if I haven’t actually played it, I can’t very well vouch for it. I’m also intentionally avoiding games that are super likely to show up (like more Sonic the Hedgehog titles or Wave Race 64). And as much as I’d love to play Conker’s Bad Fur Day again, I’m pretty sure Nintendo would want to steer very clear of it.

Sega Genesis

Cyborg Justice is a beat-em-up I must have rented dozens of times. Mechanically (no pun intended) it’s a pretty straightforward game, but what sets it apart is its…well…parts. All of the robotic enemies you fight are made up of different bits that determine what attacks and other abilities they might have. And you can literally rip the gear you want off of them and wear it yourself, changing your own combat options. It’s fairly mindless, sure, but I loved being able to cobble together my own engine of destruction on-the-fly.

Matthew Murray of Ottumwa, Iowa plays Sonic the Hedgehog on an old Sega Genisis system at the launch party for the International Video Game Hall of Fame

David Greedy / Getty Images

I also remember renting Decap Attack a bunch, mostly because it was just so weird. It’s a relatively standard action platformer at heart, but you play as a headless mummy with a face in your torso. Also you can stretch your face out to attack all the different cartoon horror themed enemies, or find a skull you can throw at them. And your name is Chuck D. Head. It’s delightfully ridiculous.

Altered Beast was going to be my last pick, but it’s way too obvious of a choice so I’m going with a different power-swapping romp: Kid Chameleon. The game has a bunch of levels, many of which are hidden, and nine different masks/helmets you can find to gain unique powers. Charge through enemies with a horned helmet, toss an endless barrage of axes while wearing a hockey mask, climb walls when wearing a fly head, and so on. Yes, it’s absurd, but it’s also fun and endearing.

Nintendo 64

I really want to play Space Station Silicon Valley again. You play as a robot’s brain that can hop into and control the dormant bodies of the various bizarre creatures inhabiting the station. Some of these animals are needed to solve certain puzzles, others are your only way to survive a trip through hazardous environments, and it’s a blast to figure it all out.

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is probably a given for the future, but it hasn’t been included on any of the official lists we’ve seen yet, so here it is. I know everyone loves Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, but Turok 2 was the N64 shooter I spent the most time with. The weapons are eclectic (like the Cerebral Bore), the enemy designs were cool for the time, and the multiplayer was a time-devourer.

Even though I generally avoid fighting games, I have a particular fondness for Killer Instinct. So of course I’m hoping Killer Instinct Gold ends up in the N64 library. I think it’s a combination (ha!) of the unique characters and the fact that I could do pretty well with button mashing that made me fall in love with the original arcade game. It’s been ages since I’ve played any Killer Instinct, and I miss it.

Honestly, there are too many older games (and game systems) that would be a fantastic addition to Switch Online. In an ideal world we’d also have GameCube, GBA, and Wii libraries on there as well—plus some other all-time greats for the NES and SNES libraries. For now though, I’m hoping at least a handful of my childhood favorites end up in the rotation.

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