Game Boy Advance Original Price, Strength and Drawbacks

Game Boy Advance (The Original GBA)

Nintendo revolutionized handheld gaming with the very first Game Boy Classic back in 1989. Twelve years later, Nintendo did it again by reinventing its flagship handheld system with the Game Boy Advance, which brought the quality of a console system to the palm of your hand.

Design of the Orignal GBA

The GBA has the most comfortable design of any handheld system to date. The sides are shaped to follow the curves of your hands, allowing the unit to rest in your palms without angular edges digging into them, yet it’s thick enough to grip. The directional pad and A-B button controls are spaced out on opposite sides of the screen to avoid hand cramping. The biggest drawback to this design is the exposed screen, which is very prone to scratches and dings.

Size: It's the largest of the three models, coming in at approximately 3 1/4" high, 5 5/8" wide, 1" thick, and weighing about 4.9 ounces.

Screen: The 3" (diagonal) screen shares the same high quality 240x160 resolution as the other GBA models, but it lacks a back or front light, making it virtually impossible to see the screen without perfect lighting conditions. This is the biggest drawback to this model, overshadowing most of its superior attribute.

Headphone Jack / Batteries: With a normal 1/8" headphone jack, GBA uses the same headphones as a walkman, iPod and computer. Powered by two disposable AA Batteries, the system offers 15 hours of gameplay. Unfortunately, it also means always having to carry extra batteries and disposing of the dead ones, creating unnecessary waste.

Colors: The GBA was produced in the following colors and limited/special-edition colors:

  • Indigo
  • Arctic
  • Glacier/Milky White
  • Fuchsia/Milky Pink
  • Spice

           Limited/Special-Edition Colors:

  • Platinum/Silver
  • Gold
  • Spice/Orange
  • Clear Orange (Japan Only)
  • Midnight Blue
  • Clear Black
  • Jet/Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Clear Blue
  • Grape
  • Clear Purple
  • Pink

Game Boy Advanced Games

The device is backwards compatible, meaning it plays all Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Classic and Game Boy Color Games.

Linking Compatibility

The device is capable of connecting up to four units with the GBA Cable Link and Wireless Link on specific multiplayer games. You can also link it to the Nintendo GameCube console via a Nintendo GameCube-Game Boy Advance Cable, which enables special features on compatible games for both systems.​​

Original Game Boy Advanced Availability and Price

This model is out of production, so it’s only available used and typically sells for around $40, which is less than half of the original retail price. The drawback is this used system usually comes with scratched/scuffed screens.